Marvel Heroes 2016 1.28 Patch Notes

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New Event: Heroes for Hire

To celebrate the release of Marvel’s Luke Cage, a Netflix Original Series, and also Luke’s long history in Marvel Comics, we are releasing a new event that will be available after our patch on Friday, September 30th and will remain live until 11:59 PM Pacific on Thursday, October 6th. The event centers around Luke Cage and his Heroes for Hire coming together to clean up the streets! There is also a brand new Fortune Card available for purchase that has some great classic Heroes for Hire costumes and other new items!

Marvel's Luke Cage is rated TV-MA. All 13 episodes will be available on September 30, only on Netflix.

Background - The Hellbane Gang is bringing together various crime factions in order to expand its’ territory and have been seen robbing banks, looting shops and mugging citizens! Luke Cage and his band of Heroes for Hire refuse to watch their city be overrun by these thugs, and have gathered to dispense some justice, clean up the streets, and keep the people safe.

Bonus Experience - All Heroes will earn 50% bonus XP during the event as well as faster Cosmic Prestige leveling.

The following Heroes will also gain an additional 50% bonus XP!

  • Luke Cage
  • Iron Fist
  • She-Hulk
  • Human Torch
  • Black Cat

Daily Login Gift - Log in each day for a box with the following items:
* 10 Gang Member Dog Tags
* 5 Random Currency (Either Eternity Splinters, Cube Shards, Hero Commendations or Protector. Commendations)

Brand New Achievement Chain - Play as the Heroes for Hire to unlock an exclusive title!

Gang Member Dog Tags - Defeat the following enemies anywhere in the world to gather this new currency which is spendable at the Special Event Vendor in Avengers Tower for new Heroes for Hire themed rewards.
* Gang Members
* Maggia
* Mercenaries

Tournament (4 hour reset, duration 1 week) - The Heroes For Hire are back in action and ready to beat down any punks and gangsters causing trouble.

Earn points by performing any of the following actions in the game world while playing as Luke Cage, Iron Fist, She-Hulk, Human Torch or Black Cat:

  • 1 point per Gang Member defeat
  • 1 point per Maggia Member defeat
  • 1 point per Mercenary defeat
  • 1 point per Civilian Rescued in Midtown, Industry City or Hightown Patrols
  • 3 points per Legendary Mission completed
  • 5 points per Gang Member Dog Tag looted
  • 15 points per Daily Shared Quest completed

New Team-Up: Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones joins the Team-Up Roster of Marvel Heroes 2016!

While returning home with her family, their car crashed into a military convoy transporting radioactive chemicals. Both her parents and brother died during the incident, but Jessica survived the crash only to awaken from a coma several months later with newfound powers such as super strength, enhanced durability, and flight.

Jessica’s superheroine spotlight lasted only briefly after some heavy traumatic experiences caused her to leave the world of superheroes behind. She has since used her powers as a private investigator and journalist.

Minor Changes & Bug Fixes

Luke Cage’s Modern and Classic Costumes have received visual updates.

Wolverine’s Modern Costume and the Holo-Wolverine Team-Up have received visual updates.

Various improvements to the Times Square new player tutorial have been made to improve mission progression and clarity.

Seals of Conflict, the Civil War event currency, have been added to the Currency tab. All Seals of Conflict in players’ inventories should automatically be converted to the Currency tab upon logging in.

Fixed an issue where Emma's Psychic Domination produced controlled minions that would be more powerful than intended until changing zones.

Fixed an issue that caused Team-Up away powers to do more damage than listed on their tooltips when heroes have not reached the level cap.

Fixed an issue that caused projectiles to be invisible if spawned from very far offscreen.

Fixed an issue where the character would sometimes start walking to the entrance of the location after directional input is released on the gamepad.

Entering an incorrect password on the login screen will no longer cause you to have to re-enter your username as well.

Known Issues

We believe we have identified a disconnect issue which was affecting a small number of players regularly. This issue stemmed from Emma Frost's alternating Team Buff auras, which have been temporarily disabled until we can resolve this issue.

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