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Subpoena's Sustained DPS Thread (CLOSED - New Thread is Up for 2.07)

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** Blessing Nerf**
Hela blessing nerfed hard, dummy HP reduced globally with all other mobs by 10%. Blessings changed dramatically overall.

Methodology: Go solo into Shield Training room and smash the "Level 63 High Health Raid" dummy. This is currently the best way to test the sustained DPS of a character.

Goal: My goal is to see the highest potential of every character, regardless of the build. I consider team-ups, omega points, ultimate level, etc., as going toward the max potential of a character.

• As stated above in "Goal", I want to see the best a character can be. I believe there are enough people geared out with each character to make this list possible.

• I want to see the best a character can be. Omega points are part of that. This will not stop a superior build or player from excelling. (eventually everyone will cap on omega points). If you feel you have a superior build, please share it here and/or with your class forums so everyone gets better.

General Rules

  1. Time begins when the dummy takes damage.

  2. No setup for your character except for abilities that you can use before engaging a boss.

    Examples: Wolverine popping his crit/critical damage buff. Yes
    Stacking Buffs from the Omega tree or items. No
    Example: Do not build combo points if you cannot generate them before engaging in combat.

  3. You may NOT use any outside buffs to your dps. Show the buff bar.

    Do not use potions to buff your dps, and yes that includes achievement brews. If you do not show your buff bar, I cannot count the video as legitimate even though it most likely is.

Exceptions Tribute on Moonknight since he can only use it once during the kill anyway. Pet Classes may have all of their pets out before the dummy spawns/respawns. Jean Grey may begin with full phoenix force. I believe this will give a more accurate representation of their capabilities.

I do not see the need for any exceptions given the health of the dummy as of today. If you feel there is a need then please bring it to my attention, and I will try to make an informed decision about it. Thanks.

Also please remember this is to benefit the community and is not some kind of contest. I'm not giving out any prizes; there is no need to try and cheese the test in any manner. The characters dps is what it is...let's go from there and work on making everyone the best they can be.

How do I video my self?

Step 1. Get a recorder. I use a free program called Bandicam. You can download it here.

Other Options: If you have a modern Nvidia card, you can use Shadowplay instead. - Recommended by @mikwuyma - Recommended by @Nootteryouknow

Step 2. Upload to Youtube.

Step 3. Copy paste the link in the forums. The forums will embed the video for you, no magic needed.

Where do I go?


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Current times can be found on the the below linked google document!

Google Docs List :
Managed by @darkstein
For those interested, you can find the TTK 66 times in the below thread.

Managed by @Lozareth

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How do teamups affect my TTK time?

Please see the below testing results from @Frostacus.

@Frostacus said:
To help give everyone some reference as to the actual Impact Team-up choices can make & how they can influence your ttk's I ran some tests today on the Cosmic raid dummy (left side).

Using the all same gear for each test (Both mine and the teamups), I used the Top 3 performing team-ups, 1 team-up that is double coulson's time & 1 team-up that is over 10m+ based off this list in the link below of who i currently own.

Team-up active dps ranking

3 ttk tests each, Character used for all tests: Magneto, Total Team-up Synergy bonus = 132%, No "True Ally" Infinity node bonus.

Top 3 dps team-ups picks (that i have available):

  • Mags w/ Coulson: 1:58s
  • Mags w/ Wolverine: 2:05
  • Mags w/ Carnage: 2:12s

Team-up with double Coulson's time:

  • Mags w/ Jessica Jones: 2:23s

Team-up with the worst times: 10m+

  • Mags w/ Archangel: 2:33s

So in short, Depending on your current Team-Up selection, ttk times can swing approximately a total amount of 35s +- from the best (coulson) to the worst (archangel).

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I'll make edits when I'm back from vacation, and not using my phone. @LukeFonFabre if you want to tag others from the old thread to let them know this is posted, that would be great.

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@Subpoena I'll get on that, 8 am and still haven't slep yet so my vids will most likely be up later today, along with the tags.

All of my builds posted can be found here:

Wish List: Ult upgrades

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But really, I'm just gonna post them later today when I get home :P

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I'll get to Juggernaut, and likely put out a non-summoner Magik video as well. I've been running numbers on her and found some very... interesting things that are far offshoots from the currently expected build on her for non-summoner. An example being that Soul Shockwave is a joke (barely better than just auto attacking) and opting for different usage of command points.

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Let me go back from holiday and i will post my punisher ttk

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Gah I'm too busy playing wow and overwatch, I'll get up on that ttk swag soon.

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Looking good so far, thanks guys!

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These TTK's are beautiful - thanks for the tag Luke!

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Dafuqs a supergroot?

Grey Squires unite!

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@DrDuval its a heavily snapshotted groot.

All of my builds posted can be found here:

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