Best Hero!?

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So i just wanted to hear what everyone thinks about hero's, i have alot of them but I'm not sure which once r the most cool/fun to play when higher lvl. So please leave some answers down below :) Thank u very much.

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This Ranking is piece of Trash Panda! (in my opinion), becuase for me the best hero is Punisher. :P

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While the Hero ranking thread is a nice opinion piece on the state of each hero, it's really not something to take completely to heart. I find my personal "ranking" of heroes vastly differs from this list and even others' opinions. It all boils down to the character's skill set and your own playstyle.

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I agree with the stated views on the hero ladder ranking waffles. I play Cap and Colossus and enjoy it immensely, but the "rankings" have them listed at the bottom. Me, I say play who you like as a hero in the comics and you will enjoy yourself usually. However, if you don't read the comics or are a power gamer, go with the rankings.

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I like to go with what's best, but my friend uses Cap in every Marvel game since it's his favorite and he does well because he devotes to it. You can rise to the top even if you use a "low tier" character.

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Yea true ranking hero hive some info for hero, but for me this rank need only short info for player not "who's the best!" In this game none is the best, all heroes have ćons and pros for players. OR if you want to play for numbers of your dps play aććording this ladder ranking, if you wan to enhoy game just read forum and searćh some informations for "your best hero", not best ranking hero. Hero ranking is short fun.

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I vote Captain America, just because. However, that opinion may not be shared by others (he's kinda low dps). If you're looking for someone fun to play, check out Cable or Thor.

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for me its a toss up. So I break it down like this. "TO ME"

Best Ranged DPS Iron Man

Best Melee DPS Wolverine

Best Tank (this is not close cause un brideled rampage is WAY OP) Hulk

Best Support tie Emma Frost or Cable

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There is no best hero, and if there were (in the devs' opinions), I am certain that they would work very hard to balance the builds. Since "best" is rather ambiguous anyhow, you'd have to define what you mean by best for a more pertinent answer. Best at beating bosses? Best DPS? Funniest lines? Best animation? Best melee? Best AOE? Sexiest? Most popular in the comics? There are a very high number of criteria to judge that by.

:) But of course, the best is Captain America, because OH MY GOD, CAPTAIN AMERICA!!! :)

Only kidding.

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