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Marvel Heroes 2016 1.15 Patch Notes

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Marvel Heroes 2016 3-Year Anniversary

Marvel Heroes’ 3-year anniversary event officially begins today! For the entire month of June, we’ll be celebrating the anniversary with a wide variety of events and activities!

Birthday Cake

It wouldn’t be a party without cake! These 3-year anniversary cake slices drop anywhere in the game. Collect them and turn them in at the Anniversary Event Vendor in Avenger’s Tower for a wide variety of rewards! Aside from regular drops, cake slices can be earned in a variety of ways:

  • Daily Login - Get 50 slices just for logging in each day!
  • 5 Power Up Loot Explosion - Collect 5 Birthday Power Ups anywhere in the game for an Anniversary loot explosion, including cake slices!

Anniversary Event Vendor Rewards

Rather than restrict our freebies to logging in on a specific day this time around, we wanted to put them on a vendor to allow players not only the flexibility to play and get the items that they want, but also to bring back some old Anniversary gifts for players who may not have been around then, or in some cases - want another one! Some of the items on the vendor are limited to a single purchase(meaning you can only purchase each of these items once). These items include:

  • Iron Man Mark II Team-Up
  • Classic Captain America Team-Up
  • S.T.A.S.H. General 39
  • Free Hero Ticket

The rest of the items can be purchased as many times as you like, if you have the cake!

Event Bonuses

For the first week of the anniversary event, all of the following additional event activities and bonuses will be active!

  • Midtown Madness
  • Mystic Mayhem
  • Cosmic Leveling Boost
  • 163% Serverside XP Bonus

For more details on the 3-Year Anniversary event going on this month, check out the following thread on the official forums:

New Terminal: Skrull Invasion

The Super-Skrull Kl’rt and his invading Skrull forces have taken over Hightown and must be stopped!

This new terminal drops you outside the Sovereign Hotel, where the Skrull forces have taken hold while General Kl’rt leads from above in the protection of his mothership.

Defeat the War Skrull leaders and break through the Skrull lines to gain access to the mothership and face Kl’rt head-on!

This terminal can be accessed from any Waypoint in the Challenges tab.

Minor Changes & Bug Fixes

The UI Size option should once again correctly function for players using 1366 x 768 or lower video resolutions.

PS4 controllers are now supported, including appropriate button icons in the UI while the controller is in use.

Captain America (Civil War) Team-Up should now have voice over.

All enemy and boss powers in the game that use a Warning Tell have been standardized to use the most modern style seen in Limbo, Secret invasion, and the Axis Raid. These new Tells show both the area of effect of the power, as well as how long you have to get away from it.

Known Issues

The following issues are known and planned to be addressed in a future update:

  • The UI icon that appears when near an interactable object while using a gamepad will not update correctly when switching between PS4 and 360 controllers in the same session. The icon will display whichever controller was first activated after launching the client.

  • When hovering over an item tooltip when using a gamepad, the button icons will momentarily display incorrectly sized before adjusting to the proper UI scale.

  • The icons for Kl’rt’s Solo Run and Cosmic Bounty Hunter achievements are not correctly displaying in the Achievements panel.

  • The Special Event Terminal is not accepting 2-Year Anniversary Cake Slices for conversion into 3-Year Anniversary Cake Slices. This will be corrected in the next update - hold on to your previous cake slices until then!

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