[Official] The Wealth of Kings County Event - April 14th through the 18th!

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The Wealth of Kings County

Maggia have stolen armored cars full of tax refund cash and are hoarding it in Kings County, New York where Industry City Patrol is located! Recover stacks of stolen cash from Industry City Bosses in both Normal and Cosmic difficulties.

Show your heroic side and turn them into the proper authorities so the deserving citizens of New York can get their Tax Refunds on time! You can turn the stacks in to the Special Event vendor in Avengers Tower.

If you are feeling more sinister, you can also exchange the stolen stacks of cash at any vendor for credits and keep the money for yourself!

Event Details

This event will be active once the servers come out of maintenance on Thursday, April 14th and run through 11:59pm Monday, April 18th.

XP Bonus - 150% bonus XP in Industry City Patrol (On top of 100% A.R.M.O.R. bonus)

Item Drop - Stacks of Cash - Stacks of Stolen Cash can be acquired in the following ways:
- Drops from Bosses in ICP (1 from Normal Difficulty, 3 from Cosmic Difficulty)
- Placement in the Tournament
- Wealth of King's County Jackpot


Players will earn 1 point per each mission/event/wave completed and obtain ranks based on the total points earned. There will be a leaderboard for Normal and Cosmic ICP and each will reset every 4 hours.

Normal ICP Tournament Rewards
- 1st place 4 ICP fortune cards + 50 Stacks of Cash reward + random Industry City Signet
- Top 10% 3 ICP fortune cards + 40 Stacks of Cash reward + random Industry City Signet
- Top 50% 2 ICP fortune cards + 30 Stacks of Cash reward
- Placement 1 ICP fortune card + 20 Stacks of Cash reward

Cosmic ICP Tournament Rewards
- 1st place: 4 Cosmic ICP fortune cards + 75 Stacks of Cash reward + random Industry City Signet
- Top 10%: 3 Cosmic ICP fortune cards + 50 Stacks of Cash reward + random Industry City Signet
- Top 50%: 2 Cosmic ICP fortune cards + 40 Stacks of Cash reward
- Placement: 1 Cosmic ICP fortune card + 30 Stacks of Cash reward

Industry City Fortune Card

Two new Fortune Cards (Normal and Cosmic) that only drop in Industry City Patrol during this event!

Contents (Cosmic Cards have higher chance at rare or better items)

Super Epics:
- Random Costume
- Ultimate Upgrade Token

- Random Unique Item with Challenge Bonus
- Random ICP Ring
- Fred Dawson's Cap
- Chest of 100 Odin Marks

- Random Cosmic Medallion
- Random ICP Badge
- Random Unique Item

- Cosmic Ring
- Epic Team-Up Gear
- Epic Insignia
- Stack of 10 Relics
- Strong Costume Core
- Chest of 10 Odin Marks

Event Rewards

To thank you for returning the stolen bundles of cash to the authorities, the following items will be available on the Special Events Vendor!

(Costs not final)

Get ready to head to Kings County this weekend!

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Nice! Thanks @Asros !

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And here....I thought I would spend next week maybe playing more Dark souls...hehe and doing my photography :> gahhh! :>

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@Asros said:

@leopardwing said:
will this be a one shot thing? Or I could see this being good for a weekly thing simular to midtown madness if modified.

Just planning as a one time thing right now. Will see how people like it and maybe make a somewhat toned down regular version.

well I figured it probably be modified to have a different theme and such but it would be a fun version of midtown :> Would be nice to see everything get sort of a day of the week there is a reason to do them.


@leopardwing said:
Oh and fun fact :> T-day is my birthday. AKA Tax day, april 15th

Tax day birthdays are so much fun! Really, if you are a few days after or before they're fun too!

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