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[Guide] Old, But Not Obsolete. (Updated)

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Old, But Not Obsolete.
Wolverine Guide


Welcome back fellow Bub's! As you may already know Marvel Heroes has gone through some major overhauls in the past couple of months. That includes our favorite hero Wolverine, as he is now more refined and savage than he was ever before! As it has been before yet again I take it as my duty to be an instrument on your path to slashing anything that gets in your way. With that said, lets begin Logan-San's journey to being The Best there is at what he does!

This is a balanced, single target build I'm currently using for the new Cosmic difficulty - Patrols and Terminals, Ultron and Danger Room runs, X-Defense, Holo-Sim, and all Raids. The build provides a consistent Damage output, DPS Bleed effects, Defense, sustained HP Regeneration and laughs at the Cosmic Trial. It resolves around the reworked power Savage Slash, which now scales with % of your maximum Fury and gets further boosted by a set of talent choices. That will be our main Fury spender and most used power as it deals great amount of damage combined with the right items.


Our main Trait that you should take a note of is Berserker's Warpath. Our archetype is Bruiser and our base damage scales with 4% per attribute point in Durability or Fighting.

Row 1 - Hardened Outlook

Transforms Swift Claws into Bloody Claws, which applies bleeding damage over time, boosts our bleeding power's damage by 20% and when we hit a bleeding enemy we regenerate 10 Fury. Mainly chosen because Bloody Claws is tagged as a Basic attack and can proc our Book of Demonicus artifact.

Row 2 - Don't Get Too Close

Bloody Sweep is our main Area of Effect (AoE) power that will help us clear large packs of mobs. The talent increases Bloody Sweep's total damage by 20% and adds Grievous Wounds/Bleeding on top of it. It also boosts our main power Savage Slash resulting in +20% total damage increase against enemies affected by our Bleeding effects.

Row 3 - Brutality

Mainly chosen because it increases the duration of Grievous Wounds/Bleeding effects by 4 seconds. Currently it has a missing tooltip that should state it adds +50% bonus Fury Restoration on the power Feral Roar, resulting in 100% Fury restore upon use. That's a great increase for our Fury spending build. NOTE: If they decide to remove this and not include a tooltip at all, we might move back to the talent Let's Make This Quick.

Row 4 - Exploit Weakness

Our main damage dealer on a cooldown - Run Through, gets Vulnerability application and increases the damage taken by Fury-spending powers by 20% for 6 seconds. That gap allows a boost to Savage Slash and the rest of the powers on our rotation.

Row 5 - Savage Instincts

The power Wetwork automatically triggers when we hit a Boss or a Mini-Boss and last for 12 seconds. That results in a 2 seconds increase from the standard 10 seconds that the power has. Wetwork is chosen to be passive with this talent because Feral Roar and Unstoppable Beast are what we use on our 8 slots hotbar. The reason for that is because Unstoppable Beast consumes all Fury upon activation, while Feral Roar restores us at full 100% Fury. We can easily control our HP regeneration by ourselves and easily proc and upkeep the duration of our 2nd artifact choice - Cybernetic Implant. NOTE: The more Fury you have, the more Unstoppable Beast's duration increases.


Get up close and personal with your enemy and lock them down with Savage Slash, which is your main damage-spam power. Apply your Bleeds and Vulnerability with Bloody Sweep and Bloody Claws, stacking The Book of Demonicus and increasing the damage of Savage Slash. Strike 3 charges with Furious Assault and then hit with a boosted Run Through, which will apply Vulnerability and increase the damage of Savage Slash. In-between re-apply Bleed every 10 and 16 seconds. By this point you should be low on Fury when Cybernetic Implant procs and then use Feral Roar to regain back all Fury and repeat.

NOTE: In this new Cosmic difficulty content, our HP goes up and down pretty much all the time since we have good HP regeneration. Mind that if you are low on HP, use Unstoppable Beast, which will proc Cybernetic Implant and heal you for a good amount of HP. Straight after that use Feral Roar to regain back the Fury lost. If Feral Roar is on a cooldown at that moment, use Bloody Claws to regain around 30% of Fury then continue with Savage Slash and the rotation. You can also use Crimson Leap instead of Furious Lunge for movement, but I personally prefer to break out of Crowd Control (CC) powers that enemies and bosses apply.


Slot 1 - Sabretooth's Furry Mane [Core]

Yet another season The Mane stays as an undisputed BiS for Logan. Damage rating, HP regeneration, defense rating and we still got the Critical Rating increase proc when we use a bleeding power.

Slot 2 - Cybernetic Implant [Core]

A new addition, which is doing amazingly well for our large Fury-pool and Fury-spending build. It adds +300 Fury, increasing Savage Slash's base damage and has a powerful and easy proc to use and upkeep. NOTE: We're about to see Cosmic Artifacts make their first appearance and yet it hasn't been declared if this artifact will be included to a boss drop, so it can receive the Cosmic Affixes treating.

Slot 3 - The Book of Demonicus [BiS]

It was a BiS before the Biggest Update Ever (BUE) arrived. It went through some nerfs to the damage portion recently, but since we can upkeep the proc with Bloody Claws, the damage boost is greatly appreciated (30 x 25 = 750 Damage Rating). It also adds +3 to all attributes from which we benefit in general but more specifically with +3 Durability and +3 Fighting, resulting in 6 x 4% = 24% Base Damage and 24% x 40dmg = 960 base damage increase. Total of 1,710 Damage Rating.

Slot 4 - Advanced Circlet of Cyttorak [BiS]

Pretty much everything that we need. Physical Damage Rating, Brutal Strike Rating for more consistent bruts and +3 Durability. It also includes an awesome 15k shield proc that goes down only when the shield is depleted.

Blessings - 4x Blessing of Hela

Alternative Blessings:

Variant 1 - 4x Blessing of Hogun
Variant 2 - Blessing of Hogun or Blessing of Hela, Blessing of Balder, Blessing of Volstagg and Blessing of Odin for more tankiness and balance overall.

Alternative Artifacts:

A.R.M.O.R. Issued Nano-Poison - This would be my 5th choice after the Advanced Circlet of Cyttorak. Performs really well and the HP regeneration is quite good.
Edge of Infinity - Great stats overall. Good for damage increase.
White Suit Jacket - Good amount of damage, Durability and great HP pool. Can be used for Danger Rooms.
Flag of The Skrull Empire - Damage focused, has Fighting attribute. Solid choice.
Gem of The Kursed - Raw Critical and Brutal stats. After all still a solid choice.
Spider-Clone Serum - Well balanced artifact. Good defense stats and a very solid choice.
Glinting Einherjar Brooch - Straight up damage booster, but it can also boost the enemies and draw aggro on you, which isn't preferable. Use at your own risk.
Tanya's Love Letter - Good defense and utility. Has some damage and attribute points. Can be used for Danger Rooms.
The Book of Eibon (melee) - Damage Rating, Fury and Fighting. Quite viable choice.
Fred Dukes' Bodysuit - Mainly defense, some damage and Durability, but it has an enemy taunt. Use at your own risk.
Taskmaster's Fighting for Losers Guide - Well balanced, a solid choice.
Mayhem Demonblood (melee) / Mayhem Demonblood (physical) - Tanky with some damage and Fighting, a viable choice.

Alternative Artifacts that can be used as placeholders:

Skrull Nick Fury's Eyepatch, Sacred White Gorilla Necklace, Hyde's Formula, Lizard's Formula, Crossbones's Teaching Credentials (physical), Sentinel Targeting Unit, Siege's Targeting System, Ziggurat of Kargul, Key to the City (physical), Advanced Super-Soldier Serum, Advanced Kung Fu Training Sequence.


Slot 1 - Fragment of Twilight (A.R.M.O.R. Attack Speed Upgrade)

FoT was and still is one of the greatest uniques. It has more than enough damage for this offensive slot. HP regeneration on hit + revive and 3 good passive procs.


Bone Claws - Still a very solid choice. If you do not have a Fragment of Twilight yet, use the Bone Claws.
Red Muramasa Blade, Kirigi's Katana and Fire Giant's Sword are all viable placeholder choices, until you find a well rolled Bone Claws.

Slot 2 - Worn Leather Jacket (A.R.M.O.R. Health Upgrade)

Logan's old jacket makes a surprising return with a huge stack of HP, Fury and good number of points for our main attributes.


Standard Issue X-Men Uniform - The old BiS is still a viable choice, though it is not as tanky as the Leather Jacket and lacks half of the attribute points.

Slot 3 - Stark Sentinel Adaptive Reactor (A.R.M.O.R. Health Upgrade)

The Reactor provides great defense and good damage rating combined from both base and the attributes.


Team X Utility Belt - Dethroned by the Reactor, but still a very solid choice! Use it until you get a well rolled Reactor.
Kiss of the Viper - Good defensively and has some good passive damage procs. A viable choice.

Slot 4 - Old Man's Work Boots (A.R.M.O.R. Health Upgrade)

Old Man Logan's favorite BiS boots! Great overall damage, utility in the face of -20% Fury Cost and the much desired attributes.


Batroc's Savate Boots - Summed up we can get 5 total points for our main attributes. It's a viable choice, but I recommend to use it until you have a well rolled Work Boots.
Skrull Military Uniform - A viable choice with good amount of damage, but may leave you too squishy. Use at your own risk.

Slot 5 - Master Ogun's Sword (A.R.M.O.R. Attack Speed Upgrade)

This beautiful sword makes an astonishing comeback dethroning Mask of The Goat with a bang! Huge damage rating, HP and +8 points to our main attributes. Simply BiS.


Mask of The Goat - The old BiS is still a solid choice. It has good damage, but is too low on attribute points, the rate of availability is not very high. Too much grind for a benched unique.
Mask of Algrim - Has some quite good damage, Fury, HP regeneration and 4 points to our main attributes. If you have one, you can use it until you find a better rolled Master Ogun's Sword.

NOTE: All 5 Uniques are upgraded with Fighting Challenge Bonus.


Sling Ring of the Kamar-Taj (melee) or Sling Ring of the Kamar-Taj (physical) - Gives us invulnerability shield proc and has good damage.

You can use Industry City Signet (melee) or Industry City Signet (physical) until you acquire a Kamar-Taj one.


Skrull Medallion of Bravery

This is not the best medallion for damage output anymore, but I'm still choosing to stick with it because of the HP on hit and the Brutal Strike and Damage Ratings. With Bravery, our brutals are more consistent and more powerful. It also adds +1 to all attributes and Damage Rating upon medkit activation. Since we use i80 M'Kraan Crystal, we have enough Critical Hit Rating.


S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Medallion - This is BiS medallion as far as damage goes. If you feel secure enough in your survivability feel free to choose it over Bravery. NOTE: It can be used with M'Kraan, but is best combined with i80 Shield of Perseus, i80 Savage Axe of Ares or i80 Excalibur, which lack Critical Hit Rating.
Cosmic Red Skull Medallion - Pure damage with a bit of defense. A solid Choice.
Cosmic Grim Reaper Medallion - A kind of Mini-Bravery. A solid placeholder.
Cosmic Skrull Defenders Medallion - Overall defensive medallion with a bit of damage.


Relic of Atlantis [BiS]


Relic of Lemuria - Sustain from HP on hit, probably still BiS for Axis-Raid, phase 1 - Duo Sentinel.
Relic of Asgard - Optional choice or a placeholder.
Relic of Subterranea - More defensive choice.


i80 M'Kraan Crystal

BiS for our build. Since we focus on our Fury pool, the M'Kraan Crystal adds up +300 Fury, which boosts our main damage-spam and fury-spender power - Savage Slash. One of the most balanced Legendaries in the game. Good amount of damage, HP and Fury.


i80 Excalibur - Another greatly balanced Legendary item. Has well built damage, defense and HP regeneration on hit. A solid choice.
i80 Shield of Perseus - Pure tank with some damage.
i80 Savage Axe of Ares - Pure damage/DPS booster, which results into a glass canon. Use at your own risk.
i70 Godkiller - For faster prestiging.
i70 Gungnir - For leveling.


Thats about it for now Bub's, enjoy the guide, leave a comment or an opinion. Feel free to ask any questions. If you do like the build, leaving a +1 upvote on the page will help reaching out to more Bub's and will keep me motivated to keep testing and updating.

Special thanks to @oHITandRUNo and @CobaltStar for helping me out with testing, calculations and items. Stay awesome Bub's!

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Solid build! +1 for the effort, and just because Wolverine is awesome and more build guides just further help our fellow Bub's.

Looks like you found a nice balance of defense and offense, and a couple quick swaps in the legendary and artifact slots is all you would need to do to get through DR easier.

Only thing that (might) suck is the upcoming Omega changes. But, here is hoping that we will get improvements in that department.

Otherwise, again, awesome build!

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@GoatPants said:
Solid build! +1 for the effort, and just because Wolverine is awesome and more build guides just further help our fellow Bub's.

I appreciate the feedback mate. Just sharing my knowledge to all fellow Bub's out there. This kept me occupied for a full night span.

Only thing that (might) suck is the upcoming Omega changes. But, here is hoping that we will get improvements in that department.

I guess we can just hope no major nerfs will come ahead.

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  • General reconstruction
  • Added links
  • Done some HTML Codes
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What is your ttk times on the high health dummy and the raid one?

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@Melmon said:
What is your ttk times on the high health dummy and the raid one?

To be honest I haven't sat down to do a proper test on that, either record it in that matter. I've only done a couple of fast tests. The raid dummy goes down between 21s and 26s, all depending on what level of try hard I'm pulling out to do the full combo. High health one goes between 5:10 min to 5:25 min, again depending on doing a proper skill rotation, because Feral Roar and Crimson Leap can get you a bit off target. I'll probably add a video later down the pipeline, when I'm not occupied by other stuff. :|

Cheers, and thanks for the question. B-)

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  • Switched Mayhem Demonblood (physical) for a Sabretooth's Furry Mane.
  • Switched slots 2, 3 and 4 enchantment from A.R.M.O.R. Area Damage Reduction Upgrade to A.R.M.O.R. Health Upgrade.
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Great build and I am using most of it, but can you explain the bloody sweep and bloody claws and crimson leap all in the rotation.

I go with your Crimson leap and possibly 1 other, but all 3 - what are the benefits? I understand if you use all 3 layers with eviscerate it is +60% damage (I think), but you are not targeting grevious wounds?

Thanks - PS My very first post on this site :)

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@Salandtwig said:
Great build and I am using most of it, but can you explain the bloody sweep and bloody claws and crimson leap all in the rotation.

I go with your Crimson leap and possibly 1 other, but all 3 - what are the benefits? I understand if you use all 3 layers with eviscerate it is +60% damage (I think), but you are not targeting grevious wounds?

Thanks - PS My very first post on this site :)

Thanks for the question!

The initial main idea I've implemented with this versitile (bleed/vulnerability application) build/rotation is to have all the 3 bleeding skills on active uptime, in order to get most out of grevious wounds DPS wise (3 x 6s), without having to use Eviscerate as a main damage output, since in my opinion it has too slow/rooting and rugged animation compared to Impale.

I maxed out Crimson Leap, since it pretty much outscales Bloody Claws & Sweep. The extra 6 points in Bloody Sweep are from the Limbo event instance and Chapter 10 (2 x 3).

You have a few options with these 6 extra points:

  • Leave Bloody Claws & Sweep both at 1p and put the extra 6p in Wetwork (attack speed, critical and dodge rating)/Feral Roar (Fury sustain), resulting in 7p to whichever you choose.

  • Leave 1p in Bloody Sweep and put 7p in Wetwork/Feral Roar, which results in 8p, again depending on which one you choose.

  • Spread the extra 6p equally to Bloody Claws & Sweep (3 - 3 to each), to balance them point wise, resulting them both at 4p.

  • Leave Bloody Claws & Sweep at 1p each, and spread the extra 6p among Wetwork and Feral Roar, again resulting them in balanced 4 points each.

Welcome to the forums and thanks for the feedback! I'm glad that you're enjoying the build!
Keep rending any enemy that gets in your way, fellow Bub!

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  • With the new Omega System cap increase to 10 000, a new configuration is in set.
  • Finally got a RIF Tri-fecta.

If you have any questions about where to put Omegas with a lower count (0-1000/1000-2000/2000-3500 etc.), just send me a PM or ask here, in the comments. I'll try to build you a configuration with the points you have at the time being.

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Thank you for the build!
Logan san was always my favourite, but I just couldn't play him when he was dying like from a gaze of aim robot.
Yesterday decided to give this build a try... Passed trial, went cosmic hightown and in 30 min window got: legendary scroll, flag, scrull uniform, scrull hammer, scrull focusing crystal and medallion of bravery!))
I think that is a sign)

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Thanks for the feedback @evilzeke!

Congratz on passing the Trial!
And I just "Woah!" at your loot in that short of a window! For some odd reason, I still haven't got anything dropped from the new artifacts/uniques in Cosmic Hightown... The struggle is real, but I shall keep cleaving on!

Glad to help another fellow Bub!
Keep rending any enemy that gets in your way! :ar!

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Congratulations on your guide, @WolframClaws!

You, sir, made me want to play Wolverine again.
I know you said u can do all contents with this setup, but in a scale 1-10, how good is he?

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You, sir, made me want to play Wolverine again.

@fveronez I'm glad that I've managed to get back one more Bub!

I know you said u can do all contents with this setup, but in a scale 1-10, how good is he?

I will give him an honest 8.3/10. I would like to say 9.5/10 or 10/10, but that would be after either a QoL or some minor buff's/tweaks. Otherwise, he's fun, agile and does decent amount of damage. Plus, he's my favourite hero/character, but I guess that's widely known already.

Cheers B-)

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  • Added Flag of the Skrull Empire in the alternative artifacts section. After some testing, it can be used as a temporary artifact until you build up the top four.
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Excuse me, what about the synergies? what would you recommend?

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@CaptainCochi said:
Excuse me, what about the synergies? what would you recommend?

Thanks for the question!

After having in mind that the 1st one is his own, I would recommend focusing on the core ones next:

  • Cable
  • Moon Knight
  • Nightcrawler
  • She-Hulk
  • Blade

Then continue with adding:

  • Dr. Doom
  • War Machine
  • X-23
  • Ant-Man

Have fun rending enemies fellow Bub! B-)

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they are almost the same synergies for my kitty!

Logan <3

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Great guide!! ^)^

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@obilesk said:
Great guide!! ^)^

Thank you mate! :)

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I just achieved a 25 sec TTK (Low health raid dummy obviously) today. Using Eviscerate in the rotation gives you optimal DPS. It just takes more skill unfortunately, but with practice it becomes second nature. Glinting Brooch is BIS over FoA. I'm actually testing a decent rolled FoA in place of GoK, but I think GoK is BiS as usual. Standard Issue X-Men Uniform is trash. His own uniques including Master Ogun's, max skills, 80+% rolled is optimals. I will post a vid of the TTK if you like, but i need to make one that shows his gear set up.

Edit: Also, Red Skull Medallion I believe is BiS, although I haven't tested Kurse.

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