Rogue X: An X-Men Theme build

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Link to the build: Rogue X

I love playing with Rogue builds, but I'm not patient enough for detailed min-max work (mostly don't have the items anyway). I do love themes, though. So when I decided to prestige Rogue, I wanted to pick a theme to build around. I did fire already, so I figured I'd change it up this time through.

At first I was going to do an alien theme, but it turns out that it's kind of hard to do that at low levels. A lot of the aliens are high level in the game. So I decided on X-Men instead. Those are easy to find as you progress through the story, and of course it fits nicely with Rogue.

Stolen/Borrowed powers are all from X-Men members or enemies: Cyclops, Jean Grey, Gambit, Storm, Kitty, Iceman, Colossus, Pyro, and Lady Deathsrike. And I use Wolverine as my team-up, primarily for the passives.

I wasn't able to find a good theme fit for my Legendary item. The M'Kraan Crystal is the closest, I suppose. But I already had a Power Cosmic so I just kept that. Outside of that, though, I think all the items are themed either to X-Men or their enemies. Same with the Omega nodes, and Synergies.

This build won't be challenging for any DPS crowns, but it does just fine in most level 60 content. The area damage is great, so it works well in patrol zones and cosmic terminals. Single-target damage isn't great, so it's probably not something to take into higher-end raids, but it's fine for cosmic bosses, Ultron runs, one-shots, etc.

This certainly isn't the only way to build an X-Men themed Rogue, so feel free to suggest improvements or alternatives!

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You can throw on Sunspot instead of Cyclops as your filler since he is also X-affiliated and gives a much stronger power and work's with Deathstrike's passive. Jean's implosion damage is rather low; you might sub with Cable for your mental power. Onslaught also comes to mind; he is actually an X-Men villain. With these powers you are more area-focused as well, so you can make room for really great equipment like Cyclops Was Right T-Shirt and Anti-Reality Grenade.

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Thanks for the comments, JZ. I was using Cyclops' Ricochet Shot in the early leveling process, but there's no reason it couldn't be switched out later. I agree that the damage on Jean's power is pretty low. The pull effect can be nice, but only in limited situations. Cable would make a nice alternative. Or Onslaught, although I've never actually done the Genosha raid so I've never seen him.

I've never actually seen one of those Cyclops Was Right artifacts. A quick web search tells me that I'd need to get it from the Danger Room. Guess maybe I'll need to actually use some of those scenarios that I keep leaving laying around on the ground!

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I have a similar themed build...but I only did it with the powers. I didn't try to keep all the artifacts/gear in theme.

It's basically what I call..."What if Rogue/Legacy/Reaper permanently absorbed multiple mutant abilities?"...using the Age of X costume, of course.

Confirmed Mutant Abilities:

Colossus: Osmium Skin
Kitty Pride: Ground Phase
Gambit: Recall Overload / Ragin' Cajun
Magneto: Recall Overload
Bishop: Recall Overload
Storm: Recall Overload / Blood and Thunder (I prefer this power to Crushing Hail, so I just act as if the lightning is from Storm)
Quicksilver: Supersonic Cyclone
Wolverine: Health Regen / Final Form
X-23: Final Form
Psylocke: Final Form
Angel: Final Form
Nightcrawler: Final Form / Teleport (I use Kirigi's Vanish to simulate this)

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Since you have a lot of empty power slots on your "Steal From Foes" tree, you could steal riccochet shot from a Sinister Clone and free up a slot for another friendly one-point-wonder-power.

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