[Official] Danger Room Reward Wish List

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Now that Danger Room has launched, we will start working on the next batch of rewards to go on the vendor.

"New batch of rewards?!?!" you may say! Yes!

Danger Room will continue to have rewards added/updated over the course of time. We want to keep giving players reasons to play and rewards to chase.

Feel free to post your wish list of items from the DR vendor. We will review and see if they are a good fit and possibly add them over time!

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I was pretty disappointed with the current rewards so glad to hear more will be added. Would love to see small things like boxes of odin marks and larger things like unique team ups rather than reskins.

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how about unique chests for those fresh 60's which contains 1 of the chars own uniquegear
odin mark/commendation chests for those who dont like to do raid content and or legendary quests

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Advanced Power Prism Shard.

I love me some Range Increase and would love to have a high level version of this staple artifact for my RR BFG build.


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@mrhapps said:
Oh boy, I can ask for anything I want!?? Awesome.

In order of importance to me:
1. The rest of the bosses in the game get their own artifact/unique, come on now why isn't the grim reapers scyth a unique or artifact yet.

  1. Energy damage artifact that has power duration and some kind of defense (because of defense rework).

  2. if new artifacts are added put them in the black box crimson overflowing already.

Here is what I'm after @Asros

To add, I still want the Super Starktech or whatever "gem slotting" idea that Ryolnir mentioned a ways back for this.

Oh and how about some unique medallions too? Thanks.

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How about some Danger Room exclusive costumes??
Or RANDOM currencies (instead of just guaranteeing one type)
VERY HARD TO GET BUT VERY BiS Any Uniques or Artis
New Title
Random Char/Costume Token

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