Cosmic trial runs

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Passed it first try with medium rolled 63 uniques (only her uniques except the soulsword) with a melee summoner build (I just needed an invul + 25%regen hp core). It shouldn't be so hard... Try to stay calm and pass the trial :D

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@wotrick said:
you stole my build almost.

Trail was easy, never even close to death.

No costume core or affixes at time of trial

well look at you ya think you're so flipping cool don't ya. would you mind helping me out ;)

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@trogeta said:

@wotrick said:
you stole my build almost.

Trail was easy, never even close to death.

No costume core or affixes at time of trial

well look at you ya think you're so flipping cool don't ya. would you mind helping me out

Sure no problem brohammer..... play better :D

Seriously though what are you working with?

check the tweets for insight

Ask your local CoKHead about CoKTalk if you want

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OK - now that 7LS and SS are working right I managed to pass the trial. Mediocre gear and fewer than 700 Omegas. I did use a 60 Pirate DP teamup though.

Had a few seconds left on the timer on both stages.

My first hero past the Trial. :)

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Passed it first try, and with no costume grade levels added to my costume. I had a trifecta costume core though.

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Passed with less than 500 omegas and 4-63/1-66 ilvl gear. Had a minute to spare, never dropped below 33% health. I'm relatively noobish too.

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@Felgercarb said:
Just leveled her, fixed all of her gear, set her up as pure summoner. I have 95% BiS gear and ~5k+ omegas. Octobot Controller, Soulsword, Curass, 1000 relics, blessed, 69 lvl uniques. All I am missing is the UEB. My damage is lackluster but it doesn't seem like I CANT pass the trial with my damage level. The problem is that I get 1 shotted by Mme. Hydra. Its great that I can port around everywhere at no cost, that helps a lot. She shoots me or stomps me, and I'm toast. So I swapped out my Mr. Sinister medallion for a Mme. Hydra, and changed my relic from mental to defense and put a defense enchant on there. Tiny bit more survivability but not much. I just had a thought. Ive been using N'astir(?) and the melee lesser demons, maybe I should be using the Fist of N'astir(?) and the spitting demons? I think I read that Fist has a taunt? Im very disappointed.

Video of my run below. Hope it helps :)

Breakdown of build is in link in my sig.



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The trial was surprisingly easy on Magik regardless of people claiming her pet builds to be ineffective. I've only done it 3 times now. On Dr. Doom, Magik and Deadpool since i started playing and Magik was by far the easisest of the lot because of the teleport/reposition attack.

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@InfernalAspect said:
368 Omega, 70 Legendary (trident), 67 relics, only 1 item is grade 66, the rest of uniques are 63, all gear is mostly for summoner, not even a invulnerability core, team-up mastery at 50. Sounds impossible? Try to beat it.
Magik is the first hero I did Cosmic trial with. I managed to pull it off on the 9th try (was gearing up and experimenting with build after each try).

I only have 368 Omega points (I had a long break since the launch).
Yeah and my gear is not the best (I used all Illyana's uniques as I don't have replacements like Octobot).
My affixes and rolls are not the best as well.
I only managed to upgrade Slot 4 to grade 66. Legendary - Neptune's Trident 70.
Only 67 A.R.M.O.R. relics.
Firestar team-up at mastery 50 (no ultimate)

Overall I got 397% Summoned Ally damage.


My summoner/hybrid build. I think there was something similar in this thread.
I used 8 spitting demons. Mastery of the Soulsword untoggled for passives (ally damage mostly).

Surviving was not a problem in any of my tries, since I was teleporting like crazy when I am targeted. But as a summoner I didn't have to worry about it too much.
Oh, and by the way - my core does not even have an invulnerability affix.
I only used 1 bar of abilities, on the 2nd it's the same, only the spender on LMB. So, it's just a pure skill of clashing those buttons when the time is right. :)

I'm glad this is possible with even ~350 omega points. When people advise to do it with at least 3000 omega, I am becoming a little shocked. Most of my omega points were spent to increase Summoned ally damage, and 368 did the trick only for 1 Intelligence and like 8% ally damage, which is not really that crucial. I got 36 seconds left.

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Just made it yesterday, 60 red, 69 equips with blessings, team up was Drax, two cosmic artifacts, 80 Legendary, full summoner... defeated hydra with 2 minutes left and red skull with 1:40 minute left... Didn't expect to be so nice and smooth, considering that I still can't make my Psylocke work and she has better damage and equipments......

****LockJaw for team-up!!!

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