Cosmic trial runs

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Okay. I passed after switching to pirate deadpool. I guess his damage is significantly higher that the damage the shield agent (and previously Clea then Groot) were giving me.

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@Arriannah said:
Trial is not really Easy when you play summoner Magik. Just forget it ... Go with melee or wait the next patch. YOu also need DP if you are short on omega ( 5k ? will be enough i think )

SO wait for the up summoner or go melee ... like you want ... Cannot say something else ...

If the intent of "summoner Magik" is just going in there and expecting the demons to do your dirty work, I agree. But it is completely passable with demons and melee.

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I completed the trial with 1st try with summoner ranged build.

I made a build of it:

The Pirate Deadpool TU has the "Ultimate stun" build which I use pretty much with all the characters.

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Did it with a "full" melee build.

  • Fist as Dark Pact toggle + Shockwave (of course)
  • Mastery of the Soulsword toggle
  • 7500 omega
  • FoT+slot 2-5 her own since I hadnt found her slot 1. Ending up at 40 ranks in her Soulsword tree.
  • HPP, GoK, MFHB, Liz + 4x Helas
  • No costume affixes
  • No challenge bonuses
  • River of Soul mental Uru
  • Demonband ring
  • Cosmic insig with CDR and BSR
  • +3 fighing, +1all, +50spirit, +5%BDR, +6%Health pet.
  • No legendary
  • 201 Relic of Lemuria

Thats about it.

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I didn't have a costume core, any affixes, no legendary (I still don't, not sure what to use since I don't want to go full pets, but I do use one pet), no uruforged, only 3 items were uniques (forgot to upgrade any of them) and the rest were cosmic and I have no relics or any special artifacts (one was still the blackcat hook from the tutorial mission) and I did it fine somehow which is shocking because on Juggernaut who I have okay stuff I still can't do it and his uniques are all 69. I also hadn't done anything with the omega points yet since I just leveled up super fast and went right into the trial. Just a Melee build with one pet and I used the Magik teamup with her.

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@mikma said:
I completed the trial with 1st try with summoner ranged build.

I made a build of it:

The Pirate Deadpool TU has the "Ultimate stun" build which I use pretty much with all the characters.

Thanks Mikma! Using this build I got through on first attempt.

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I tried the Trial 3 times running a mostly Sorcery/Summoner hybrid. I had a rank 3 70 Trident with a GoTK, ILAS, AMA and an Ultron Bi-Level Concussion Projector, a 60 man-ape medallion and a Doop inspiration runeword. I had all her own uniques except slot 2 which was a 60 cosmic. My rotation was mostly sorcery-based and the damage out put was not good. I failed twice because i ran out of time and the third time i was overrun by the hulkbusters.

So i reworked her omegas (maxed) to better balance between boosting summon damage and her own damage (Crit and Brut), tweaked her build (moved to a more melee-focused with augments in her summon and sorcery trees) and figured out a good rotation that maximizes her deeps. I realized that sorcerous eruption and stepping disc both have a 3 second cd.

I kept her core which is a health and spirit regen on medkit usage and paired her with the Deadpool Kid. Between the Deadpool Kid, The fist of N'Astirh and Vampiric Incantion's confuse specialization, the mobs were no problem.

The only difficult/hairy part were the Sentinels, but by keeping the Backhoe between me and the Skull, it was only a matter of chipping away and their health. I used my ult at the first sentinel and it was down in like...15 seconds? The second took longer, but not as much.

TL;DR I failed a couple times, but after some tweaking and fiddling i found a build i like that got me through the trial. You can too!

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Just passed the trial. Initially struggled with the Pure melee build . summoned fist of Nastirh and with TU dead pool it was ok.Eldrith armour toggled, No summoner gear.2200 Omega points .all LV69 her unique, . level 4 70 Gungnir.Thank you.

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Blast through the trial first attempt, it was quite easy for her

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Had s couple of tries but at 600 Omegas I just don't have the deeps. Completely survivable though - full melee build with Pirate DP and nothing special for gear. Never felt in danger of dying.

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Beat it 1st time with pretty good gear.
She was by far the easiest hero to take through the trial so far.
had 2.5 min left on Hydra and 2 min on Skull

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Passed with 10 seconds left on Skull, less than 700 omegas using a summon build, my hand hurts now. took alot of tries

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7k omega, no team up, hybrid build, lvl 80 warlock eye at rank 3, lvl 50 slot 4. Completed with a min spare on both sections.

My damage mitigation is around 42%, If you are having issues with being one shot try using apocalypse node. Or some points in +durability/speed. At around 40% mitigation and 23k health you can easily face tank red skull and hydra (and if you watch telegraphs and use execute skill you won't even take that damage)

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368 Omega, 70 Legendary (trident), 67 relics, only 1 item is grade 66, the rest of uniques are 63, all gear is mostly for summoner, not even a invulnerability core, team-up mastery at 50. Sounds impossible? Try to beat it.
Magik is the first hero I did Cosmic trial with. I managed to pull it off on the 9th try (was gearing up and experimenting with build after each try).

I only have 368 Omega points (I had a long break since the launch).
Yeah and my gear is not the best (I used all Illyana's uniques as I don't have replacements like Octobot).
My affixes and rolls are not the best as well.
I only managed to upgrade Slot 4 to grade 66. Legendary - Neptune's Trident 70.
Only 67 A.R.M.O.R. relics.
Firestar team-up at mastery 50 (no ultimate)

Overall I got 397% Summoned Ally damage.


My summoner/hybrid build. I think there was something similar in this thread.
I used 8 spitting demons. Mastery of the Soulsword untoggled for passives (ally damage mostly).

Surviving was not a problem in any of my tries, since I was teleporting like crazy when I am targeted. But as a summoner I didn't have to worry about it too much.
Oh, and by the way - my core does not even have an invulnerability affix.
I only used 1 bar of abilities, on the 2nd it's the same, only the spender on LMB. So, it's just a pure skill of clashing those buttons when the time is right. :)

I'm glad this is possible with even ~350 omega points. When people advise to do it with at least 3000 omega, I am becoming a little shocked. Most of my omega points were spent to increase Summoned ally damage, and 368 did the trick only for 1 Intelligence and like 8% ally damage, which is not really that crucial. I got 36 seconds left.

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I cleared the trial on my first trial last night, 2.4k omega, level 2-3 i70 gungir, non-max sunspot team-up active, hp/sp on medkit core (no invul). Was doing a melee/aoe build, and had about 2minutes left on both.

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First try, 5.5k omega, full summon build with fist demon and no legendary or Magik uniques but did have a sinister cuirass in slot 2 and bis summon artifacts. Clea team up.

Have since switched to hybrid because the damage was pretty arse.

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Cleared it first try on the day she came out hybrid melee/summon spec I had a little over 3 mins on Hydra I bursted her down pretty quick and I had about 2:50 on skull.

Fist does tons of damage his Ten Ton Stomp for me brutes 3 mill+ and his cd ability 3.5-5 mill brutes.

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I passed with a mostly ranged, sorcery heavy build, no difficulries. Soul Shockwave, Vampiric Incantation (weakness), and Otherworldly Nova. Back from Limbo, Seven League Step, and Sorcerous Eruption rounded things out on my bar. I used Holiday Groot as a team up.

Her gear was decent, but by no means anything spectacular. Full set of her uniques, 80 Warlock Eye, Essence of Dread, Gem of the Kursed, Mayhem Demon Blood, and Hand of Doom.

Just shy of 5k omega pts. at the time.

The only other thing of note is that I did stack quite a bit of health wherever possible.

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I just completed the trial, and it was real easy. No legendary, no blessings, no relics and 3500 omega. Soul sever makes it so you can avoid all the telegraphed attacks while still continuing to do damage. I was pleasantly surprised.

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So I just did it for fun and passed it on the first try. Full melee build.

N´astir as Dark Pact toggle 
Mastery of the Soulsword toggle
Around 6300 omegas used
Slot 1-5 her own. Mid rolls, lvl69
Headband, GoK, ILAS, Liz + 4x Helas
No costume affixes
No challenge bonuses
+100 mental uru, no runeword
ICP mental ring.
Cosmic insig with CDR and health
+3 fighing, +1all, +40spirit, +3%PhysDam, +8%Health pet.
No legendary
around 350 Relic of Atlantis
Ultimate lvl 5

In fact was quite easy. Timers with 1+ min left on both bosses. Popped the ultimate on the first sentinel and all went smooth. I would say she is fine and easy with good enough gear.


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