Magik Hero Preview!

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Interesting secondary resource. @BlindspotThirteen

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This looks awesome. I can't wait.

Previously it was mentioned the Magik team up would be getting an updated skin to match the new character... Will any of the animations be added to the Team up as well?

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@Samulii said:
MichaelMayhem what is her damage type? Full mental?

From the post:

To help prepare itemization for Magik - she will deal full Mental damage, and have supporting summons for builds that choose to use them.

Edit: saw he corrected the post and i then quoted it. Apologies.

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This seems really, really good. Like I'm honestly baffled. She sounds like a completely different kind of summoner.

@ChairmanPOW said:
edit: saw he corrected the post and i then quoted it. Apologies.

Not a problem :)

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@MichaelMayhem said:

Magik Preview

Limbo Minions

Having rule over Limbo, Magik has the ability to call upon its denizens to do her bidding. The Team-Up version of Magik has displayed this ability by calling on the minor creatures, and this will be represented in the playable version as well. Magik will be able to call upon many of these creatures to form a battalion around her, though they will need to be often replaced when they perish.

Will her summons be affected by the traditional summon damage gear, or will they be improved by regular/alternate stat increases?

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@MichaelMayhem said:
Magik’s secondary resource


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This is awesome! But the only thing that comes to my mind is: another hero that will clutter my screen with those minions @MichaelMayhem when will we have an option to not see minions/summons/pets/team-ups etc from other Heroes?

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@MichaelMayhem said:
Since the newest hero is a topic to be generally discussed, I've started it here, but it will move over to the Magik subforum later. I want everyone to get excited for Magik, not just those already excited for her ;)

Don't worry, we have enough excitement to cover for them also! Now then, where is the Magik avatar for the forums :D

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@MichaelMayhem said:

Mutant Swordswoman

A very minor complaint here, but could you please rename that tree to "Soulsword" or anything else? "Mutant Swordswoman" sounds kinda dumb.

Magik looks cool though! Please take your time getting her right.

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