Marvel Heroes 2015 1.72 Patch Notes

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Mystic Mayhem is now live, and will run until Friday, October 2nd!

A confrontation is upon us. A showdown with evil!

The Demon Lord N’astirh has opened a rift between Earth and Limbo. He is invading our world, causing mayhem, fear, and ruthless destruction.

N’astirh has a purpose. He seeks to establish a bridge between the two realms such that he may finally conquer Earth and all her citizens.

He’s summoned allies from some of the most dangerous realms this side of Hel - striking a deal that would divide up Earth into parcels, to be ruled by the worst of the worst.

It’s your duty to stop N’astirh and his minions before their invasion succeeds. Dislodge the advance forces that are invading Earth and shut down N'astirh’s base of operations through a direct assault on Infernal Limbo itself.


  • Infernal Limbo - A new game mode only available during Mystic Mayhem that sends players into Limbo to defeat the Demon Lord N’astirh!
  • Legendary Mystic Scrolls and Double Legendary Mystic Scrolls - Items that can drop anywhere giving you some of the best loot in the game!
  • Hero Tokens Anywhere - All enemies in the game have a rare chance to drop a Hero token!
  • Eternity Splinters Galore - Packs of 10 Eternity Splinters have double the regular chance to drop, and have a rare chance to turn into a pack of 63 Eternity Splinters!
  • Asgard Supports the War Effort - Higher chance for rare runes to drop anywhere in game!
  • Experience Counts - 63% Experience Boost
  • Finding Items - 63% RIF/SIF Boost
  • New Mission: Strike on Limbo - Speak to Magik in the X-Mansion for a mission that grants you 3 power points and +63 permanent health bonus!
  • Mystic Mayhem Invades - Demons from Limbo have invaded Midtown Manhattan Patrol!
  • New Items and Rewards

    • Sharabus Neotum - A new artifact for summoners that comes in 3 different damage type variations
    • Mayhem Demonblood - A new damage dealer artifact that comes in 5 different damage type variations
    • Bloodstone Demonband - New unique rings for a varied amount of builds
    • Mystic Mayhem Coffers - Boxes with a chance to drop the above items as well as other rewards
    • Mystery Achievements - A new mystery achievement will be added each time the event goes live, and if players solve it before the end of the event, the 63% XP/RIF/SIF buff will last an extra day, overlapping with the next event!
  • Achievement Mayhem - Mystic Mayhem has its own set of achievements for you to earn!

Mystic Mayhem Updates

Based off of player feedback, we have made the following changes to Mystic Mayhem:


  • The Sister of Magma is no longer invulnerable during her channeled hotspots power. Just be careful attacking her while she is attacking!
  • Mindless Titan’s Beam Sweep damage has been reduced.
  • Mindless Titan’s Charged Beam now displays an indicator to alert players
  • N’astirh now drops a guaranteed Mystic Mayhem coffer when defeated
  • If a group fails to complete Infernal Limbo before the timer expires, exit portals will now appear in each section to more easily exit the zone.
  • The visuals for the stacking power buff have been improved to make them easier to see.


  • Upon defeat of N'astirh, all party members will receive the same follow up mission in order to make it easier for groups to complete the mission together.
  • Gorgon and Venom mission objectives have been changed to Man-Ape and Mr. Hyde, respectively
  • Coffer reward amounts have been improved for several missions


  • N'astirh will drop a guaranteed Mystic Mayhem Coffer on defeat.
  • Added Cosmic Loki, Cosmic Hulk, Cosmic Red Skull, Cosmic Mindless Titan, Cosmic Man-Ape, and Cosmic Batroc medallion to the Mystic Mayhem Coffer
  • Legendary Mystic Scrolls and Double Legendary Mystic Scrolls are no longer limited to 1963 or 63 drops each
  • Legendary Mystic Scrolls and Double Legendary Mystic Scroll drop rates have been increased


There is a new Mystery Achievement to be solved! If it is solved by anyone during the event, the 63% XP/RIF/SIF buff will be extended 1 day past the event and stack with the next event for 1 day!

Black Panther

The King of Wakanda’s kit has been revamped with specializations to give players a choice of which playstyle best suits their needs.

  • Vicious Claws - This specialization focuses on Black Panther's melee options, increasing the damage of Knockdown Strike and Panther Leap while providing significant buffs to Predator's Frenzy. With Vicious Claws active, Unseen Predator when activated will heal you when striking Bleeding targets, reduce all Spirit costs to 0, and increase your Brutal Strike chance.

  • Master of Knives - This specialization enhances Black Panther's ranged build, enhancing the Fan of Knives, Triple Throw, and Cryo-Dagger throwing knife powers, and allowing you to use Jungle Snare and Mobile Mine Field from a distance. For Master of Knives, Unseen Predator when activated will instantly heal Black Panther as well as increase the number of hits Triple Throw and Cryo-Dagger deal with each use.

  • Agile Warrior - The Agile Warrior specialization focuses on Black Panther's movement-based powers, as well as Enervating Strike's stacking bleed. When chosen, Enervating Strike and Vibranium Trap deal increased damage, Slashing Lunge gains the ability to consume Enervating Slash bleed stacks for bonus damage, and Scything Sweep gains the ability to apply Enervating Slash's bleeds. Unseen Predator in this specialization will grant additional damage negation when activated, and guarantee Vibranium Trap and Slashing Lunge deal critical hits for the duration.

Dora Milaje also now has a specialization option, which allows you to customize them to deal more damage, or sacrifice some offense for the ability to have them taunt enemies. The final specialization instead grants Black Panther a damage & damage negation bonus while the Dora Milaje are not active, if you decide you want to run without them.

Item Changes

Non-raid bosses should now drop medallions 100% of the time when defeated, regardless of where they appear. Let us know if this is not the case anywhere in the game.

Ziggurat of Kargul's teleport power now has a .5 second cooldown, down from 1 second.

Luke Cage's Crowbar Crit Damage and Brutal Damage values have been increased.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue that prevented mutually exclusive toggle abilities (such as Taskmaster's stances) from resetting properly when prestiging.

Rocket Raccoon's M78 Plasma Launcher now correctly applies the burn condition to enemies

Winter Soldier’s Dispatch power now has the Bionic Arm keyword as intended.

Sabretooth’s Furry Mane’s should now work on all “Bleed” powers.

Fixed an issue where Fred Dukes' Bodysuit could not be equipped with Spider Clone Serum.

A small visual effect has been added to the spirit recovery effect of Ringed Ruby of Raggadorr to better indicate when it has fired.

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