[Official] Vibranium Ticket Thread

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This thread is to talk about this new marketing promotion:

To answer the most common questions:

  • The Vibranium Ticket can drop anywhere at any level. It's not affected by any boosts (SIF, RIF, Odin's Bounty, etc.)

  • Some countries do not participate in contests like this for legal reasons. Nothing we can do about that, but most of the playerbase is covered. (If someone from one of those countries wins, we'll see what we can legally give to them, if anything, to make them as happy as possible)

Another quick note - There is no chance a bot will win this. We will very carefully review the history of whoever finds one of these Vibranium tickets to make sure they are legit.

Let me know if you have any questions at all or any comments.

My opinion: I like this marketing promotion because it puts $25K from the marketing budget into players hands instead of an ad agency, so it's a big win in my book, even if not every country is allowed to enter.

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If I get a ticket can I give it back for the implementation of Rina Patel aka Timeslip? :3

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@iLikeTacos said:
Agreed. I haven't really felt like playing lately because it just feels like the same old grind, nothing new to do and there hasn't been for a while. This money could've been used to make improvements to the game. To me this sounds like "Hey play this game they're giving away 25k" to gain players and attention, which instead it should be "Hey play this game they used 25k to add some awesome stuff".

Already mentioned this is budgeted from marketing balance.

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It's completely random and equal chance to drop from any mob in the game? Does it have a beam of light/indicator?

Do you have to kill mobs in your level range for it to drop?

If the history of the account that finds one gets reviewed, it even has autoloot potential since you should be able to tell if the person is afk farming/botting.

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@Findrav @vthree @jacaribray

Yeah I had only saw that after I hit post, edited my OP.

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