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So i'm in the middle of downloading the batch of patches, and I don't even know what to expect when I finally get to play. What are some of the best link, sites, tutorials available? Can anyone give me a general breakdown of what to expect or what I can do to get started in the right/best/fastest way? Love Marvel, can't wait for Avengers: Age of Ultron!!!

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Welcome. I hope you have a lot of fun. :)

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Glad to see you become part of the community, there are indeed a lot of helpful answers around here. We have a gameplay guide on the forums also if you want to check it out its on the forums front page, just scroll down and you'll see it.

If you have specific questions don't hesitate to ask them here.


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Welcome to the game. Guides are here:

Most if not all the information about this game will be here on this forum. But there's also a subreddit which can be useful:

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Press Play and open up your wallet =P

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Welcome to the game and the forums :)>-

Plenty of helpful people on here so don't be worried about asking questions, even if they might seem dumb 8-}

Also good luck on the transition to mouse and keyboard gaming


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Welcome, young hero. I hope you will enjoy it like we all do. There is a lot of things you should learn, but I think you could safely follow the advice of our @BabylonPaladin and dive in. Try things yourself, ask when you will be lost. Best way to learn is by experiencing it.


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Check the "Gameplay Guides" section of the forums for a lot of useful hints, and for info about a specif hero check that hero's subforum.

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Welcome! !

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The view is more like Baldur's Gate type game and not a typical MMORPG eg World of Warcraft or Star Wars: THe Old Republic.

Do the story quest first. They will unlock all the terminals (teleport centers) for you.

You can play a variety of different heroes until level 10, then you need to chose 1 to unlock. I recommend Captain America or Cyclops. Punisher is good now, but I don't have him. Storm is good but she's so cheap to buy with Eternity Splinters, I'd hold off on her.

On Day 2 you get 400 Eternity Splinters (ES). Save these for a while and play your starter hero until they are sixty or close to it. This gives you a better idea for how the game plays and you have more time to read up on heroes in the forums.

When those ES are burning a whole in your pocket, then I'd say go for a random hero box. You might get a duplicate but with one hero it's a very low chance. If you get a hero that isn't your favorite, give them a chance, they can surprise you. Also, most heroes can level up just fine, so don't worry too much if the random hero is not a favorite in the forums. These first few heroes are to give you hero xp synergy bonus, get you heroes on the cheap via 175 ES random boxes, and help level up your crafter and enchanter.

If you want a specific hero, then some of the more favored heroes are Cap, Cyclops, Magneto, Storm, Venom, Juggernaut, Iceman and Ghost Rider. (Other players will chime in with their favorites also as they read the thread.)

Notice that if you save your 400 ES and wait until you have 575 ES before getting a random hero box, then you'll have enough for a 400ES hero if you don't like your random hero.

Just play and have fun. Don't be too worried if you put points into 'bad' skills. Leveling goes pretty quick - you have another spec if you really screw up your build, and recons build up in your inventory. Wait until 60 to use a retcon and follow one of the builds in the forums.

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@Ryolnir said:
Welcome to the community! Let us know if you have any questions!

How do I shot web? Props to those who get the reference ;)

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@Atomikon said:

You are young here, among us :P


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See link below for our fb page

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@BabylonPaladin said:

There's far too much to type out, so my advice is just do what I did and dive right in! The game has improved 10 fold when it comes to the tutorials and this forum has a boatload of info available too.

If Storm is still a starter option, pick her! :D

Got to get the Captain!

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