I Touched a Torch (and I Liked It)...A Fire-Theme Rogue Build

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I Touched a Torch (and I Liked It)

A Fire-Themed Rogue Build

Greetings! Welcome to my fire-based, no-raid-powers Rogue build. I wanted to make something original and accessible to the casual player that could still hold its own during the end game. Being a major contributor to red raids is probably out of reach of this theme build, but I'm able to run cosmic terminals, and though I haven't done a green raid on this build yet, I'm sure it would work fine.

As much as possible, the powers and gear choices follow the fire theme, though there are some places where there just aren't any good fire options. I had to stretch things a bit and include a couple of lightning powers, but I figure lightning starts fires, so it's close enough. As for gear, fire-related artifacts are pretty easy, and I found a few other places to fit the theme in.

All of this is written from the perspective of playing at level 60, but I used this to level from about 30 onward and it worked just fine. It's pretty easy to get those first 30 levels using whatever powers you happen to pick up.

The Build

I Touched a Torch

Combat Playstyle

Against the weakest enemies, use Flames of the Faltine to pull groups together, then a short Pyrotechnic Burst should burn them to a crisp. You'll run low on spirit if you keep the burst going too long. Generally you'll want to let the burst go on for a second or two, then use Godly Valor to recover, and repeat the process on the next group.

Against tougher enemies (blues/yellows, primarily) add Rubble Slam for the Vulnerability. Flames of the Faltine, Rubble Slam, then Pyrotechnic Burst for a second or so will usually wipe out all the weaker stuff and leave the tougher enemies burning (see note below on burn status). Recall Overload is a great way to finish them off when you've got several to deal with. If it's on cooldown, or there's not many of them, Damnation or a longer Burst works also.

Against bosses, stack up as much damage as you can. Make sure you get in a Rubble Slam for the Vulnerability. Then use Flames of the Faltine, Damnation, and Rain of Fire to set up a bunch of damage-over-time (DoT) effects. Follow with Recall Overload if it's available, or more Pyrotechnic Burst otherwise. After 3-4 seconds, the DoTs will be wearing off, so hit Godly Valor to recover spirit and start over.

There are also two utility buffs, Ragin' Cajun and Gloves Off. Generally, I'll use Ragin' Cajun every time that it's available against anything but the weakest enemies. Gloves Off I usually save for finishing off bosses that are low on health, or if I'm taking enough damage that I need the health recovery.

A quick note on the "burn" status effect. For some reason, none of the fire powers used here actually leave enemies burning. (If you'd like to steal some raid powers, you can get some that will apply burning there, but I wanted to keep this accessible to people who don't raid.) So we have to get our burning elsewhere. There are two primary sources: the Flames of the Faltine artifact (regular or advanced version), and the Extremis Fire omega node. I tested this out in the SHIELD Training Room and confirmed that when either of those trigger and cause DoT on an enemy, you get the bonus against burning enemies. With the large number of damage ticks from your DoT powers as well as fast attacks from Pyrotechnic Burst, you're pretty much guaranteed to trigger one or both effects against any enemies. Because of this, critical hit rating is a very important your best to get to at least 30% chance to crit while leveling, and above 45% at endgame.


Ariel Onslaught, Kree Charge, Drain Life: You get these by default. I never use them.

Draining Punch: Basic attack. Rarely used. It's on my left-mouse-click mostly just so that Rogue will move toward the enemy when I click on one, rather than staying at range.

Kree Resilience: 20 points. Max points for the crit rating and health. Be sure to have it on your power bar for breaking crowd control as needed.

Rubble Slam: 1 point. Used for applying vulnerability.

Flames of the Faltine (borrow from Clea): 20 points. Mental flames for the fire theme. Great power for gathering weak enemies together to clear them, and a good damage-over-time power against tougher foes.

Pyrotechnic Burst (borrow from Human Torch): 20 points. Can't get more thematic than big bursts of fire! Hits very fast, good for triggering burning from Extremis Fire/Flames of the Faltine artifact. Also good for clearing weak enemies.

Ragin' Cajun (borrow from Gambit): 1 point. Sorta thematic...Cajuns like hot stuff, right? Nice buff to increase your critical hit rating and add some extra damage.

Rain of Fire (borrow from Firestar): 20 points. Perfect for the fire theme, which is why I use it. Unfortunately it isn't extremely useful, since the rain targeting is random over the area of effect, and will often miss single targets like a boss/elite. These points could be distributed elsewhere if you're less concerned with maximizing the fire-theme powers.

Recall Overload: 20 points. Not exactly fire, but it's lightning, so close enough. Does a good chunk of damage over time as well as a big explosion at the end. Works best when clearing groups of elites, but good for bosses as well. Use it just after applying your DoT effects to a boss, and by the time the final explosion occurs, it'll be time to apply the DoTs again.

Godly Valor (borrow from Thor): 15 points. Another almost-thematic lightning power. Recovers spirit, which is badly needed if you let Burst run a little too long, or have had to cast your other powers multiple times. The area damage is a nice bonus, but the real benefit is the spirit recovery.

Damnation (borrow from Ghost Rider): 20 points. Fire breath! Mostly useful against bosses, as most other enemies will die from your other powers before you get to this one in the rotation.

Lizard Serum (steal from Lizard): 1 point. Chosen for the Constitution bonus. Health and spirit recovery is a nice extra.

Vanish (steal from Kirigi): 1 point. Teleportation is the best way to move around, and the auto-dodge can be a life-saver if you happen to end up in the way of a big attack.

Fire Manipulation (steal from Pyro): 1 point. Perfect for the fire theme. Most of our damage is energy, so the damage rating is useful. The +1 Energy is even better since it helps both energy and mental damage.

Mutagenic Strength (steal from Tombstone): 20 points. Good for the Toughness buff and lots of health and defense. All that survival skill is useful so we can stay in close while setting things on fire.

I'm Invulnerable (steal from Juggernaut): 1 point. Escape button for when things get too hot. Very handy when dealing with damage circles, such as when fighting Doom.

Gloves Off: 1 point. Handy buff for recovering health and adding a bit more damage. Works nicely with the speedy attacks from Pyrotechnic Burst for health recovery.


I've listed a few options in several of these sections. Mostly I'm using the items that fit the fire theme best in my mind, but those aren't necessarily the best DPS or utility for the powers we've got. Some other choices are listed for those who might want to consider them.

Artifacts: If you're leveling up using this build, a Tome of Zhered-Na fits the theme nicely and is available at level 20. You can use Flames of the Faltine at level 32, and the Blinding Brazier of Balthakk at 42. For endgame, the four I use are:

  • Blinding Brazier of Balthakk: Lots of damage against burning enemies, and a bit of extra fire when you're attacked.
  • Advanced Phoenix Feather: Plenty of energy damage. Auto-resurrection is a nice bonus, and very thematic to rise from the ashes.
  • Advanced Flames of the Faltine: Helps to boost critical hit rating, and burn enemies when you crit. Very important to get the burning-enemy bonus from the other artifacts. (A regular one works, too, if you don't have an advanced version, but it's not as good since it only triggers on criticals, rather than both criticals and brutal strikes.) Plus you get a neat "orbs of fire" visual.
  • Bacon-Wrapped Hot Pepper: Lots more damage against burning enemies. And you might even confuse them.

All of these are nicely thematic...other artifacts probably provide better bonuses, but not more fire!

Some other artifact options aren't as thematic, but have good utility:

  • Chthonic Idol: With all the attacks coming from Pyrotechnic Burst, there's a good chance of triggering the Idol's effects. One of those effects is fire, so it's thematic in that way, but the Icy Orbs visual kind of detracts thematically.
  • Power Prism Shard: Helpful if you're having trouble with spirit costs, since we use almost exclusively area powers.
  • Doop Ectoplasm: We've got all three damage types, so you'll get all the bonuses. No fire theme, but with a good roll that's a lot of boss damage, damage rating, and dodge!
  • A.R.M.O.R. M-26 Anti-Reality Grenade: We've got all three damage types, so you'll get all the bonuses. No fire theme, but with a good roll that's a lot of damage rating, critical hit rating, and brutal strike rating!

Blessings: None of the blessings have a fire theme, so we'll go with the popular choice: Hela. I like to think of the Hand of Glory aspect as being some kind of holy fire.

Runeword: I use a +200 Energy Uru item, but you could choose the +800 defense instead if you're feeling squishy. For the runes:

  • For theme, you can't beat Fire Barrage. With a name like that, how could we not use it in a fire build? Energy damage, ranged damage (works with Flames of the Faltine, Pyrotechnic Burst, and Damnation), and chance to set stuff on fire.
  • If you're less concerned about theme, then The Power Doop is a good choice with damage rating, critical damage rating, and brutal damage rating.

Relic: Unfortunately none of the relics really fit a fire theme, so I just went with Chandilar because I had a bunch sitting in my stash. Pick your favorite.


  • M'Kraan Crystal for theme: at rank 5, it does a big fire attack! All the lower bonuses are helpful too, of course. I also considered the Golden Bow of Apollo since it has two different fire-related effects, but since the Bow's Ranged bonus only affects half our powers, the Crystal seemed like the better choice.
  • The Power Cosmic is the best choice for DPS, though it has no fire theme. With all three damage types, it's hard to beat all that extra damage.

Costume: I highly recommend a core with either Invulnerability or health/spirit recovery on Medkit use. Other than that, its best to use the grade affixes and core bonuses to fill in whatever gaps your other gear doesn't address. Health, crit rating, and crit damage are probably the most useful.

Insignia: Sadly there is no Insignia of the Human Torch, but there are two others with a bit of fire theme: Phoenix and Crystal. Of these, only Phoenix is usable for Rogue, so that's your best bet for theme purposes. For the additional mods, some sort of boost to critical hit rating here is a good idea. Spirit recovery also helps. If you can also get health and energy or critical damage rating, so much the better.

Ring: Like the costume, you can use this spot to fill in gaps in your other gear. Typically that means critical hit rating and health. If you have enough of those, then critical or energy damage rating, brutal hit/damage rating, and spirit recovery are all useful.

Medallion: I chose Pyro because I happened to have a cosmic version, and obviously it fits the fire theme. Mandarin would also be a good option, since it gives you a chance to burn enemies on hit.

Slot 1:

  • Uncanny Avengers Gloves. The focus of the build is on powers borrowed from your friends - all of your damage powers are in the Steal From Friends tree. So the big boost to Steal From Friends powers is excellent. All that critical hit rating and damage rating doesn't hurt either!
  • Destroyer Energy Rifle. This doesn't have the Steal From Friends powers boost, but it will boost all powers by a smaller amount, plus it's got a chance to set things on fire. And a ton of damage ratings of various kinds to boot. A well-rolled Rifle will probably be better than the Gloves, though a lower roll will be you may have to try both and see how they work for you.

Slot 2:

  • X-Treme Bodysuit. The +2 to powers and boss damage are nice, as well as spirit reduction.
  • Doc Ock's Arms is a good option for the bonus to area powers, especially if your crit rating needs boosting, but be careful of your spirit costs.

Slot 3: Cloak of the Reaper. +2 to powers, some damage and brutal rating, and you get the occasional Remy or Kurt summon. Those are handy as distractions in extended fights.

Slot 4:

  • Nisanti Boots. +2 to powers, crit rating, and health are the most important factors.
  • Rogue's own unique, the Age of Apocalypse Boots, are unfortunately geared toward the Steal From Foes tree, but they make a good placeholder if you don't have a Nisanti Boots.

Slot 5:

  • Cosmic with a boost to Steal From Friends powers. Other good mods to look for are critical hit or brutal strike rating (if it's not already high enough from other items), critical or brutal damage rating, or health.
  • Anna Marie's Bomber Jacket is another unique with no boost to Steal From Friends powers, but it's a good fallback until you can find a good cosmic to boost those powers.

Slot 1/5 Enchantment:

  • Energy damage rating from the Fire rune fits the theme perfectly.
  • The Area damage rating from the Hail rune is actually a better choice since it affects pretty much all damage powers rather than just the energy ones, if you're short on Fire runes or less concerned with theme.

Slot 2/3/4 Enchantment: There's nothing fire-themed here, so go with either Cattle for health or Oak for defense. I used Oak just because I had more Oaks than Cattles.

Team Up: The only Team-Up that can possibly fit the theme of this build is Firestar. I like to set her to the companion mode (to spread lots more fire), but her passive bonuses are useful as well if you prefer that.

Pet Bonuses: +3 Energy and bonuses to area powers/damage are the best options if you can roll them.

Hero Synergies: Anyone you have available to increase critical hit rating, health, energy damage, spirit recovery, critical damage rating, brutal hit rating, and brutal damage rating. In approximately that order.

Omega Points

First, our three theme nodes:

  • 72 points: One rank in Extremis Fire and its pre-reqs from the Nanotechnology tree. This one is both thematic and functional, since you get a 5% chance to set enemies on fire.
  • 165 points: Pyro (and Blob as pre-req) from the Mutation tree. This is mostly for theme, although the extra Energy damage and spirit recovery is nice to have.
  • 250 points: Human Torch (and Mr. Fantastic as pre-req) from the Radioactive Origins tree. Again, mostly a theme choice, but the extra Energy damage doesn't hurt.

After those 487 points, there's not really a lot of additional fire theme to work with. So, here are some ideas for where to put more points (in approximate order of usefulness):

  • Spin Tech in the Nanotechnology tree. Extra boss damage is always good.
  • Tag Rounds from the Special Weapons Support tree. Useful since we don't have mini-map reveal elsewhere.
  • Destroyer Armor in the Arcane Attunement tree. You can't have too much spirit with a hungry power like Pyrokinetic Burst. Since we're using mostly Energy powers, it should trigger fairly often.
  • Anti-Genesis from the Molecular Adjustment tree. The +Energy affects both energy and mental power damage, as well as reducing power cost.
  • More points in Extremis Fire. No additional burn chance, but you'll get more damage from it.
  • Phoenix Force in the Psionics tree. You need a whole lot of Omega points to get it, but if you can afford it, the +10 Energy is great.


Initially posted on 2015-01-06. Updates:

  • 2015-01-12: Added blessings, enchants. Updated insignia info (special thanks to @Rutee‌).
  • 2015-01-15: Added several options (theme vs other choices) to gear section. Special thanks to @AshnurLegba‌ for several ideas.
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It's been brought to my attention that I forgot to include artifact blessings or rune enchantments, so I edited the post to add those.

Played Rogue on and off over the last week of the holiday event at level 60, mostly in cosmic terminals and one-shots, and I'm pretty happy with the build. She's not going to win any boss-kill races, but she clears big chunks of henchmen very quickly, and bosses go down in a reasonable amount of time. Works fine solo, but even better if you can duo with a solid boss-killer like Juggernaut.

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This is why I wish Rogue's multi-spec allowed us to save different powers, because this looks fun. I'd love to be able to have a bunch of builds saved so I could explore making themed builds whenever I wanted. Someday...?

Also - Insignia of Phoenix since there's no Torch insig. It's thematically appropriate!

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@Rutee said:
This is why I wish Rogue's multi-spec allowed us to save different powers, because this looks fun. I'd love to be able to have a bunch of builds saved so I could explore making themed builds whenever I wanted. Someday...?

Also - Insignia of Phoenix since there's no Torch insig. It's thematically appropriate!

Yea couldent agree more, so boring that they havent fixed multispec for Rogue, if they ever do, i think i might just have to buy a few more spec slots for her ^^

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Very creative build, kudos to you. I love using Pyrotechnic Burst on my Rogue as well.

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Thanks for the kind words, folks. I think we all can agree that the ability to have different stolen powers would make multi-spec a whole lot better for Rogue, and make theme builds like this one more popular. Maybe the devs can find a way!

Good call on the Phoenix insignia, @Rutee, although it's too bad the rez power doesn't blast enemies like Jean Grey's does. I also noticed recently that the Insignia of Crystal talks about being imbued with the power of fire (among other things) so that would be good for the theme as well. I'll add those in the guide. Maybe I can find a decent version of one of those two to use.

Edit: And I just realized Rogue can't use Crystal since it's a Fantastic Four insignia. Guess Phoenix is the only thematic option. Too bad, I don't really need yet a third way to prevent death/rez.

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Multispec actually working for Rogue would be fantastic to say the least, i would have all the "popular" specs, + a few"cool" ones i like, gief :(

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Interresting build. i'm currently working on something quite close to this kind of idea, because Pyro Burst is really really fun! But it's spending so much spirit that I choose to take many items based on spirit reduction cost.

Magneto's medallion is a must have in this idea. And also Blessed hand of Nimrod (3.2 spirit on hit, ranged dmg, attack speed, energy blast) with the River of Soul Uru-enchant (60 spirit, 6% power duration, +6 spirit on hit, -6% spirit cost).

I also use Apocalypse armor slot 2 (-x% spirit cost, +2 energy), and Shield systems recon belt slot 3 (-x% spirit cost).

I was wondering why you don't use the Power cosmic legendary + Anti reality M26 grenade artifact on your build. Because you have a mental power (and of course energy powers^^)... I also use Elacstic barrage (wich cost nothing with my spirit reduc cost and spirit on hit... it even replenish my spirit pool^^) to proc the m26 grenade and Power cosmic. It's quite fun!

Not realy powerfull, but realy fun!

There's also two items that might be interesting for your build (because of their burn proc) : Chtonic idol artifact, and Destroyer energy riffle slot 1.

Have fun!

EDIT : Power Prism Shard might also be quite good on this^^ (spirit cost reduc for area power, power radius, critical for area)

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@AshnurLegba said:
I was wondering why you don't use the Power cosmic legendary + Anti reality M26 grenade artifact on your build.

Purely thematic reasons. Those are definitely better items in terms of stats than what I'm using, but they don't fit the fire theme as well. I appreciate people posting ideas for improvements, though, since I know not everyone wants to follow a theme as closely as I do!

@AshnurLegba said:
There's also two items that might be interesting for your build (because of their burn proc) : Chtonic idol artifact, and Destroyer energy riffle slot 1.

Interesting ideas! The Chthonic Idol might be a good replacement for the Bacon-Wrapped Hot Pepper since I know not everyone has one, or maybe instead of the Adv Phoenix Feather for a little more control (chance to freeze) along with the burn and poison chance. Not a big fan of the icy orbs visual, though. I never really looked beyond Rogue's Uncanny Avenger Gloves in slot 1, but the Destroyer Energy Rifle is a good suggestion. The burn chance certainly fits the theme, though it's likely a DPS loss since you'd lose 5 power ranks in the Steal From Friends tree. I'd have to test it out to be sure. Thanks for the suggestions!

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Just some informations and questions^^

  • The artifact Flame of the faltime : the advanced version is really much better because it procs burning on crit AND brut (the common version procs only on crit).

[So, one important thing -on my opinion- is to have at least 45% crit, and nearly the same (or more) for brut chances if you have the Advanced Flame of the Faltine. A fire brutal build seems very interesting with this. With some Hela's blessing, Drax passive, and othe other items you can reach 7k/9k brut dmg easily. Sounds nice^^]

  • To burn during more time, I think that a bit of % spirit cost reduction is really important. Moreover with spirit on hit. (A very nice unique would be Claws of the sisters, but it's more for hybrid mental/physical builds... and it's quite hard to obtain^^)

  • Attack speed might be counterproductive... because Pyrotech Burst hits 4 times /sec. So it already procs perfectly Rajin Cajun (effect cooldown of 0.25 sec on it^^). And more att spd means more spirit per sec : so not a good idea at all! ;)

  • About the Destroyer Energy Riffle : after testing it seems -for me- that it's almost the same with it or with Rogue's uncanny gloves. I haven't seen any real burning proc difference.

  • It's really cool that you keep on your idea "fire" only. But -on my opinion- with Flames of the Faltine and Damnation, you have two great mental powers that can easily find a nice place in your rotation... so at least the Power Cosmic legendary or the M26 grenade (or Doop artifact) would be nice.

  • Firestar Rain of Fire : the power itself is really cool. But does it work well? Because the area of effect looks a bit erratic for me (too wide not precise..)

I'll keep an eye on this thread : some interesting ideas at the begining, so maybe some others interesting ideas later! ;)

Have fun! =:D

**EDIT : ** The Doop enchant is also really good with these powers. Because with a good rotation (phys/ment/ener), you'll have a lot more damage output. So if you're really into "fire only" why not add the Omega passive that adds energy dmg to each physical attack? (it would be closer to your goal and better in dmg speaking I guess. Even if it adds electricity.. you said before something about elec and fire... so^^)

Oh, shut up, the two of you! they weren't lookin' for you, "Daddy" - they came here to save their butts from Latveria's current dictator-of-the-month!

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Thanks for the ideas, @AshnurLegba‌! I've made several additions to the Gear section with alternative ideas, many of them from your suggestions. Appreciate the input!

On the subject of the Rain of Fire're right about the area of effect and it being erratic. The fire that rains down hits randomly, so most of the time it will miss a single target (like a boss). It works well against lots of little guys, but we don't really need that since Pyrotechnic Burst does the job better. I like having Rain of Fire for theme purposes, but it could be eliminated without losing much utility.

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