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DeadpoolWarriors - Recruiting!

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Hey! Your friendly neighborhood spiderm -oh uh scratch that um, oh yeah! DeadpoolWarriors are now recruiting! If you love having fun, making fart jokes and eating chimichangas this group is perfect for you! Oooh boy the Avengers will be so jealous they wont know what hit them!

If you're interested in joining all you have to do is message me, iLikeTacos on here or in game!

You could also get in contact with me on steam or through our steam group.
I would say steam is the best way to get the fastest reply from me.

We all know whats coming next. Everybody hates them. Everybody needs to follow them. RULES. I'm not leaving many rules for you guys to follow but mostly just basic ones.

  1. A lot of the time I will be in the DeadpoolWarriors Steam group chat. That being said I would recommend you join too to talk during game play, but don't worry if you don't have steam its not mandatory to join DeadpoolWarriors. But for those who do I would suggest trying to be as nice to others as possible this includes racism and sexism and all the other isms you can think of! Seriously guys, Why can't we be friendssss♫ Oh yeah and guys, Let's TRY to keep it PG 13 for our younger players.

  2. This isn't so much as to call it a rule but its more so a recommendation which is to be done end game. If not, you wont be able to participate in events such as Daily Missions and Midtown, but don't worry we can always help you finish end game. That's what supergroups are for right?

  3. Another recommendation is that you own Deadpool as a playable character. You don't need to and can play as whichever character you want, but it would be cool to build an army of Deadpool in a group that's named after well... Iron-Man? No no that's wrong! I meant Deadpool.

Anyways guys! I hope you give my supergroup a chance and decide to join me! See you in Avengers Tower!

Signed, Deadpool...

Whoops I mean iLikeTacos

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