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Anyone else super excited about Jean's new Marvel Legends figures?!

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It looks like Jim Lee version is the only one out so far. Her White Phoenix and AoA variants will probably come at a later date like the other variants in the series.

I can't wait for these figures! I've been dying for a good Jim Lee Jean for years, and having 2 variants on top of that is an unimaginably awesome bonus. I might even be more excited about her white costume! (especially after playing this game)

What do you guys think?

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Hummm, why is she wearing a burlap bag in one?

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@seralin said:
Hummm, why is she wearing a burlap bag in one?

In Uncanny X-force, her AoA counterpart wore a loose fitted tank top over her Phoenix outfit, presumably to make her outfit a little more modest.

It didn't translate incredibly well into action figure form, but I still like it.

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@XMenLegend said:

I want the Jim Lee variant sooooo bad.

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They totally made the White Phoenix of the Crown figure without the black triangle just to validate Marvel Heroes cookie-cutter recolors for Jean. Totally. It's a conspiracy I tell you!

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why does she look like she needs a hamburger?

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Omg you get to build rocket raccoon!

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But, the key thing is here is they actually made it gold! Instead...boring neon yellow.

If they went with gold, and shiny, in the game, it would already make it much much better in my eyes. The black triangle I don't really care about, but the golden color makes it more unique and actually worthy of being a $13 chase costume.

EDIT: quote button not working >.>

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I finally got her!!!

(The Phoenix base came from her original Marvel Legends figure.)

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The Lego one in the lower right made me LOL :))

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The Starbucks in the left made me want a latte o_o

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I kinda want to get the white phoenix one and repaint it black triangle and green >.<

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I heard from somewhere they cancelled the white Phoenix and AoA variants for now until Hasbro decides how they want to distribute variants...

I'm kinda sad if its true.

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