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Why does Luke Cage say Sweet Christmas?

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In the game, the Silver Surfer asks Luke Cage what is the meaning of the term "Sweet Christmas".

I first learned of it in Marvel Ultimate Alliance, it's his Signature Move, shouted when he punches the ground so hard the planet feels pain!

In Ultimate Spiderman he uses it again.

And he says it yet again in Disney Infinity 2.0.

But was an explanation given why it is his catchphrase?
Did he have lots of sugary Christmas desserts as a child?

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Thank you for the video explaining it.

So, basically, the author of that novel was trolling the world and it got picked up for Luke Cage under the assumption it was a genuine expression? =))

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Uh... if you don't scream "Sweet Christmas!" at the person you're preparing to engage in hand-to-hand combat immediately prior to giving them the Latverian Hammer then you must be spending all of your free time alone, meditating.

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