Bica's Controller Support

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Full In-Game Controller Support! (Menus are so much easier to navigate with Menu Mode)

NOTE: The Layout above works for All controller types not Just Dual Shock 4


I. Getting Started

II. The Idea and Explanation on the Xpadder Layout

III. In Game Key Bindings

IV. Understanding the Joy-Sticks

V. Understanding The D-Pad

VI. The Game Buttons

VII: Power Sets Layout

VIII: Youtube Video Guide

IX: Xpadder Config File(s)

I. Getting Started: Things that you will need

1) Xpadder (Program that links Keyboard controls to a gaming controller)

NOTE: As of Update 01.012015 Xpadder Must Run in Administrative Mode

I recommend a Fresh install before using the configuration files. Delete your Xpadder Configuration file to initiate a new install a few bugs have popped up the last few days, PS3 Configuration the Mouse floats to top left of screen.

2) PC comparable Controller (PS4 Controller, Logitech Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, PS3 Controller, any USB Gamepad)

3) Program for Sony Controllers (PS4) Drivers/Touch Pad Support DS4Windows

Note: if you are using a PS3 Controller you need to use the InputMapper.

Click Image to Link to DS4Widows Website!

Click Image to Link to Better DS3 Website!

Remember you only need BetterDS3/DS4Windows if your using a PS3/PS4 Controller



Default aka X-Men Legends/ Marvel Ultimate Alliance Layout aka "Hand-To-Hand"

This layout was inspired by one of my favorite games of all time. Its similar in the since of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Controller Layout. Where The Y was Jump, and you had the other powers, so many good memories. I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank Activision for never making another one of these games... BECAUSE I LOVE MARVEL HEROES NOW! You Got his Gazillion!

Same as the Files at the Bottom of the Page

Click Image to Download the Xpadder Default Profile!

Click the Following Image(s) above to download the layout Now all layouts will work for any controller! Watch the video at the end of this post!

Alright to kick this off I will show you my Default Layout then Explain why each key is where it is.

Alright your asking what is going on, this is how it works:

III: In Game Key Bindings Might have to change the following!

A to 1 (Logitech) Square (PS3/PS4) X (Xbox)

S to 2 (Logitech) X (PS3/PS4) A (Xbox)

D to 3 (Logitech) Circle (PS3/PS4) B (Xbox)

F to 4 (Logitech) Triangle (PS3/PS4) Y (Xbox)

Num1 = Power Set 1

Num2 = Power Set 2

Num3 = Power Set 3

BodySlider = B

The Following Should Stay The Same

M= Med Pack

L= Mission Log

U= Ultimate

P= Power Selection

T= Hero Selection

K= Team Up

W= Move Hero

J= Vacuum


IV: Joy-Sticks

Almost Perfect

PS3 Controller Does not Work, Have to tweak with Better DS3 I would not recommend using the Dual Shock 2 or PS3 Controller

Left Joy-stick Controls the movement
of your character (Yes after you move the mouse cursor moves back to the center of the screen Thank you Spring!

The Center of the Left Joy-stick allows the mouse not to move
Allowing you to pick up items/click on other players to invite them to your party extra. By standing over them without running all around.

D-Pad Great for The Quick Menu/Team Management

The Center of the Right Joy-stick triggers a left mouse click!

Removes UI like F9 On Keyboard

The Magic Joy-sticks

So what I did here was I linked the W key (Default Key for Moving the Character as well as the Directional Key The Mouse Movement, followed by two strange looking symbols. Yellow Box That is called "Zone Release" that allows after a short period of time I set it as .01 seconds it will return to center or set to default after a period of .01 seconds has passed
The Second Box Aqua blue color is a Tap Timer, this allows the movement that registers even if its a tap to move back and reset to the center and the mouse arrow of the opposite direction that is set to counteract the positive movement with a negative response to the movement command (Just re-ensures it returns to the center of the screen)
So For Example for the Up Joy-stick movement would look like
W -> Yellow Box (0:01) Aqua Box (0:01) Opposite Direction of Mouse Movement.

Now for the Following just change the direction of the arrow or mouse movement. Remember always have W as the start key then follow by direction then Yellow box then Aqua box, Opposite Direction of Mouse Movement.

Up is to Down. Down is to Up. Right is to left. Left is to right.

Close Up Image
To the Left to the Left

V: The D-Pad

Up Arrow allows you to switch to Pew-Pew Layout This is a layout for Ranged Heroes

Down Arrow allows you to switch to AIM Module This layout is for those precise targets (Ex: Dr. Strange)

Left Arrow, allows you to add or take away powers Power Menu

Right Arrow, allows you to bring up Hero Selection Menu Hero Menu (T)

VI: The Game Buttons
These can be switched for preference, depending how your in-game layout is

Left Mouse Button is Right Joystick Button

Right Mouse Button is Not Used in Default Layout It is used in Menu Mode

The Skills (Buttons)
**Remember you have to set the buttons in game to match the buttons that are on Xpadders layout

In Game Power Layout Only 4 Powers per Power [] x3 4x3= 12 Powers in Total


Looking at the image above shows you a sample of how you can layout your in-game UI. The Image was when I had ASDF as my Square, X, Triangle and O. For and Example I wrote out the layout below.

A on Controller is Power Square

S on Controller is Power X

Right Click on Controller is Power O (It Also Closes out any open windows (B for Back))

F on Controller is Power Triangle (It Also Rumbles)

Note: You can Edit Any Key Bindings in game or in Xpadder

When It talk about Power Sets its the Different Menu Bars in the game 1-3 Displayed next to your mana pool. Also note that you can move them around so if you wanted to spread power 1 to were left mouse is and then skip spot 1 or a the place a power in slot 2 or s its all up to you!

Nightcrawlers Power Set #1 Layout Example:

Nightcrawlers Power Set #2 Layout Example:

Nightcrawlers Power Set #3 Layout Example:

Trigger and Bumpers I love this part

Left Bumper on Controller is ** Vacuum/MedKit**

Left Trigger on Controller is Toggle Powers Set #2 after Release it goes back to Power Set #1

Right Bumper on Controller is Menu Mode
This is a new feature that allows the entire layout of the controller to be changed, causing you to be set into menu mode, read the new section below to find out more!

Right Trigger on Controller is Toggle Powers Set #3 after Release it goes back to Power Set #1

Other Buttons

Start/Option Menu or Esc Key

Select is set to Inventory or I
Note: Also if you are in Pew-Pew or AIM Module Mode you cant view your inventory, but if you click it it will return you to Default layout then if you click it again you will be able to view/edit your inventory

PS4 Button = Screen Shot and It Hides UI! Look!

VII: Power Sets Layout

New Power Set Layout
Its about Dam Time. I know, I know


What is Pew-Pew you ask, well its a sound I use to make while running around the house as I pretended to shoot laser beams out of my eyes like Cyclops but when it comes to Bica's Controller Support, its really comes down to this.

-It Changes the Sensitivity

-It also gives the player to map different controllers without loosing the Default layout.

-It has a Turbo Feature that is linked to Power 1 (Basic Attack) for Ranged Heroes who have to have a target to actually use the ability, plus it also helps to keep on target when not having to MASH your buttons!

-Its really up to you the player how you want to set the powers.

-Overall its sensitivity settings are set to better fit ranged heroes:

Heroes that this Layout would best Fit are as follows. Note Some Heroes May Fall Under Multiple Layouts Depending on the build

A.I.M. Module

What is A.I.M. Module you ask, well its is simillar to Pew-Pew but it has a better since of control and placement. With AIM you will be able to navigate the game with your Left Joystick to walk but when you use your Right Joy stick you will stand still but be allowed to AIM with your Right Joystick, while using your right joy stick you can also use your Left (will I move you ask) no you wont! It locks you in place making this the ideal set up for a summoner hero or someone like Rocket who needs to place his beacons as select locations. Welcome to A.I.M. soldier!

-It Changes the Sensitivity

-It allows you to aim with both Joy sticks while initiation with right joystick to trigger halt movements for left joystick

-Sounds really confusing but you have to try it!

Heroes that this Layout would best Fit are as follows. Note Some Heroes May Fall Under Multiple Layouts Depending on the build

Default Layout Works Best With These Heroes

It is what you have used since Day One! Just Tweaked to fit new Layouts!

Menu Mode

It may look like the most pointless Layout But I have to say I am extremely happy to say you will never need to use the mouse again to navigate the menus.

First off you will be able to switch to this mode at any time by just pressing Right Button, on your controller. It works great because it locks this Layout In Place till you press it again! It also works great while your in hubs since people don't usually move around much, item management, crafting extra. It also changes all the controls so that your Power buttons are now acting like the mouse as well as right and left joystick! You can also view the Achievements Menu with Left Button, Friends List with Left D-Pad and I am still going to work on adding more Layouts so you can have the best experience possible! If you can't change the UI then work a way around it! (That is what my dad said)

VIII: Youtube Video Guide

1 of 6

DOWNLOAD: Xpadder Config File(s)

Click Image to Link to Download Bica's Controller Support 1.5 Xpadder Config File!
                       ''Don't Forget the Download the Xpadder Profile, Edit as needed"

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very interesting indeed. @Bica were you able to play as night crawler just fine?

Here's are thread's from other forums, I run for new people out side this forum to come over to this game

⌘The EPN.TV Marvel Heroes thread⌘ ⌘The SuperHeroHype Marvel Heroes MMO⌘ thread

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Great stuff! Where would you map J?

My Marvel Heroes videos in YouTube. I have guides for all heroes. New players friendly too.

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@Lace said:
Great stuff! Where would you map J?

Yeah, when Cybernetics is out this will have to be on there.

Since I never summon Team-Ups it would be Select for me....

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@ThreatLevel said:
Since I never summon Team-Ups it would be Select for me....

Same for me I suppose. I wonder if ever this game will be released to console officially. So many buttons to mash lol.

My Marvel Heroes videos in YouTube. I have guides for all heroes. New players friendly too.

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Xpadder is £6.99 ....

Great idea though , would love to use this

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Also could you upload your xpadder profile so i can test this.

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This looks awesome gotta try it!!! But the. Rebinding hotkeys is gonna be painful

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Nice effort dude 10/10 would use.

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i can do everything apart from the zone release and tap finder , the version i have does not have the option to add those.

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Site for Xpadder

Please Help Support Them! Great Program!

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Really nice work. Absolutely gonna try it out.

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Nicely done!

Account transfer to console!

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Thank you for all the kind words! and thank you @ULTIMATExALLIANCE‌

My Next Post will be a ingame Layout for Every Hero I own, So people can have a better look on how it feels.

I love this set up for any and all Heroes

X on Controller is Power 1 (a Basic or Low Energy Using ability)

A on Controller is Power 2 (an AoE like attack)

B on Controller is Power 3 (a Jump Like MuA or XmL)

Y on Controller is Power 4 (I like having this as a Strong attack heavy AoE or High energy use attack.

Left Bumper on Controller is Power 5 ( I like having this set to my Basic Power since most my builds never use a basic power, but for blackpanther I might set his Dora Milaje set in that location out of the way so your not always clicking it.

Left Trigger on Controller is Power 6 I love this spot because its the Trigger so I like to use a movement power (On Nightcrawler) quick easy and BAMF. But for a Hero Like Wolverine I have set it in game for Power 6 to be his Bloody Sweep!

For the other buttons I keep the same, since everyone moves the same in a since, camera buttons are the same toggle different power sets are the same, Team-up, medkit extra.

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I will be uploading another video, as well as more information on fitting all the buttons of the game on the controller pad, It is my first time using Xpadder so I am leaning, just give me some time and I will come out with My Controller Support version 1.1 soon!!

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Cool! This should make some people who want to use a controller happy!

Do you still run into the bug where if a controller is plugged in you can't type your username/password in the login window?

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Yes @DrNo‌ Trying to come up with a fix. I have tweaked the layout just a bit will update soon!

This is Marvels Ultimate Alliance 2 Layout


I am going to make Marvel Heroes Layout Quite Similar to MUA and XmL fans

New Upcoming Layout 1.1 (Still working on converting this into xpadder) I think this will work a lot better!

You could even set the layout in game to have XYAB like on an Xbox Controller

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This is actually incredibly cool. Been waiting for someone to map/figure this out. One thing that annoys me in large fights is when I lose where my mouse pointer is on screen (to be able to dash/teleport in specific directions to avoid damage). Using a controller for just that reason would help immensely.

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@Doggerz‌ I hear you, I wish someone could figure out how to hid the mouse pointer as well. You can click F9 But you loose the entire interface, or if someone could come up with a way to remove the mouse pointer when your in gamemode but once any menu is open it appears then goes away after closing a menu.

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