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[Should I keep it?] An attempt to build a list of useful any hero uniques/artifacts/medals

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Great Job

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edited September 2014

11 Sept 2014

  • added Rogue
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Let's get some experts to update/add ratings to these items. :P

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Nice, this will help

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Love your site and thanks for the effort!

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Site is down

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either the site is down(which is kinda hard to believe since you can browse the sections easily enough... there just isn't any info on any page except the last) but since you mentioned anyone can edit the info maybe some jerk decided to be cool and just delete everything.

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Yep, the content isn't loading. It's a great site, I've found myself really missing it over the last few days.

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This is spectacular...thank you for your labor of love.

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this is very helpful for those, like me, that don't have much space in inventory.

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I have same problem. Ever since Firefox updated to v32 site doesn't load up.

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edited September 2014

What?! let me see what's wrong!

EDIT: It loads fine on FF v31, let's update do v32

EDIT 2 : Fixed! (CTRL+F5 to refresh) @Quirath @xandertek @phillyX @wretchribution‌ Thanks for reporting

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It works but doesn't load first time. I have to do F5 every time I click either Uniques, Artifacts and Medallions.

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Works fine here, did you CTRL+F5 once?

20 Sept 2014

  • added Kraven, Lizard and Mr Hyde's medallions
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Great site, helped me clear crap out of my stash :-)

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Shield System's Reconnaisance Belt is sometimes mentioned in various builds for Captain America,eg
this build It could be a green or blue for Cap.

The hand assassin Ninja Tabi and The Foostigons are also recommended for Cap, depending on your crit rating. So those two might be green for Cap also.

My Cap is only level 47, so not even close to being an expert, or even close to out of the beginner stage.

Edited: Fixed a newb mistake.

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29 Sept 2014

  • added Lady Hellfire's Talon
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edited October 2014

4 Oct 2014

  • added Cobra's Hood
  • added Kraven's Lion Vest
  • added Fire Giant's Sword
  • added Monkey, Shark, Polar Bear and Rhinoceros Figurine
  • added Lizard's and Hyde's Formula
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14 Oct 2014

  • added Claws of the Sisters
  • added Giraffe Figurine
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Wow. Thank you. I really needed these lists.

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