Marvel Heroes 2015 1.14 Patch Notes

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Event - Midtown Madness

This week’s event is simple and direct: Midtown Madness

Midtown Madness has 3 components:

Extra Loot on Midtown Bosses

This can include some very rare items and a large number of gear items, increasing the chance that any given item can roll into a cosmic or unique item.

This applies to all Midtown bosses at all level bands.

Midtown-Inspired Server Buffs

Midtown is the central location of Manhattan, south of 59th street.

As a nod to the 59th street geography of Midtown, the entire game will receive a 59% bonus to Experience, Special Item Find and Rare Item Find. This applies inside and outside of Midtown.

Midtown Fortune Cards

All enemies in Midtown have a chance to drop a Midtown Fortune Card.

This is a card that is only available Midtown Madness and only in midtown, from any Midtown enemy.

The contents can include various items such as credits stacks, retcon potions, unique items (including Challenge bonus unique items), epic insignias and so on. They can even include an ultimate upgrade token and other high-value items on rare basis.

These Midtown Fortune Cards are in-game drops only.

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