Pet-Tech spoilers from Doomsaw

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@Doomsaw just spoiled some stuff about Pet-Tech on the livestream:

  • All cosmetic pets are gonna be upgraded to cybernetic pets for free.
  • You would be able to unlock green, blue, purple, cosmic and unique nodes on them.
  • To unlock these nodes you would have to donate items of the specific type.
  • Cosmic nodes give bonuses to powers, while green, blue and purple nodes give bonuses to things like health, defense, damage and spirit.
  • You can reroll each node almost for free at crafter, allowing you to mix and match them to customize your hero.
  • Each pet can have different cybernetic upgrades.
  • You would be able to buy random pets for splinters.
  • There might be a craftable pet in future.
  • Pets are not going to be bound to heroes, allowing you to swap them between characters easily.
  • There would be a new "vacuum" feature. When you click a bindable key (default "J") all green, blue and purple on the ground are being automatically picked up and donated to your pet. This would help to unlock all the stuff.
  • If you have the max rank for every node on your pet the items are going to be converted to a small amount of credits (about 1% of the regular sell amount).
  • Cosmics and uniques cannot be vacuumed, and they would have to be dragged manually on the pet. You can also manually donate any green, blue or purple item.
  • You don't have to put your pet out to use Pet-Tech.

This would allow to accomplish the following things:

  • Every pet is useful.
  • Performance will be better because loot won't stay on the ground.
  • Players would have something to do with big loot explosions even if there isn't anything useful in particular.
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@nbccomedy said:

Do you have to have a pet on your hero's pet slot to use it?

Cause not all my heroes have a cosmetic pet

Yes, you have, but there would be new ways to get cosmetic pets.

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So these pets will be combat pets or just something like team ups passive effect?

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@Doomsaw said:
This system completely piggybacks on the existing Cosmetic Pet system.

So, none of the pets ever bind to a hero, which means you can swap them around freely or even "unlock" a pet on one hero and easily swap it to another hero.

This will be pretty fun and useful. :)

What are the odds we can start finding new pets as drops? I hit my 14th Old Lace pet a couple days ago and, frankly, I'm tired of seeing them drop instead of Fortune Cards/Costumes.

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yay more stream exclusive reveals...

Anyway, I like some of the ideas, but it still sounds pretty nebulous.

I hate everything, lol.

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