Failed to create D3D9 device

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Hi all,
The game worked fine for me up to the latest patch, at that point when I launched the game it exited out with an error. I uninstalled the game, then reinstalled it and no luck. I then reinstalled my OS with Windows 7 as I had been planning to do it for awhile and this gave me the chance. I re-installed game and got the "Failed to create D3D9 device! This can happen if the desktop is locked. Exiting..." error. I then uninstalled BitRaider and installed the Steam version of the game with the same error? Any suggestions?
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If I'm not mistaken, the d3d9 is linked to Microsoft's DirectX software... you could try going to their DirectX download page here and installing the updated version to see if that corrects your issue. Also, it could be an issue with missing updates from Windows itself. Ive played a few games that required the .NET Framework to be installed for example. Just have to look at all the possibilities.

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