Marvel Heroes 2015 1.08 Patch Notes

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Patch Overview

This week's patch is primarily focused on bug fixes and quality of life improvements to the game.

We're working hard internally on larger features for later this month, to coincide with Guardians of the Galaxy.

New Event

This week’s event is the Summer Beach Party!


50% Server Side boost to RIF, SIF and Experience. (Wear SPF 50 sunscreen!)

Hot Dog ingredients have returned and can drop from any enemy.

For this Beach Party event seashells have been added to all loot tables. They are a lovely pink hue and are affected by Special Item Find.

Seashells can be traded in to the Special Event Vendor (Clea) in exchange for 4 items:

  • The Perfect Wave - A new Slot 4 Unique item that provides a high level of survivability and utility.

  • Brutally Awesome Shades - New Slot 5 Unique sunglasses that are simply brutal. (Rated SPF 50)

  • The Big Kahuna - A new Legendary item similar to the Pot of Gold, but with a Summer Beach Party twist.

  • Mysterious Crimson Box - Each box contains a random boss-specific artifact. Expensive, but very exciting.

Hero Changes

Mr. Fantastic

This patch includes several buffs to Mr. Fantastic, mainly based on fine tuning of appropriate tuning tags and a strict buff to H.E.R.B.I.E.:

  • Stretch Punch - Damage tuning tags adjusted, resulting in a damage increase.

  • Signature - Damage tuning tags adjusted, resulting in a damage increase. Reed now receives a 30% damage mitigation shield while this power is active.

  • Ultimate - Gains 50% damage shield while channeling and CC immunity on startup

  • HERBIE - Duration increased from 10s to 40s. Cooldown increased to 60s.


  • Asgardian Smite - Damage tuning tags reviewed and adjusted, resulting in a significant damage increase.

  • Crushing Hammer - Spirit coss reduced so that it is in line with other “bosskiller” powers.


  • Steel Punch - bonus damage from Defense now includes defense rating after percentage increases

Item Changes

  • Items with pink text (those that are affected by SIF) will now have a matching pink “glow”.

  • Team Insignias and rings will now stand straight up rather than lying flat to improve visibility.

  • Retcon Devices have a new drop model to make them more recognizable.

  • Note: For this patch only, players using the lowest graphics settings will see a purple beam from several Epic items. That will be removed next patch and is only intended for testing.

Omega System

  • Players Omega Point allocations will once again be reset with this patch as part of the ongoing Omega System Beta. The beta process is expected to last until the launch of Star-Lord on August 1st.

Loot Changes

  • Midtown bosses now drop 2-3 more items every time they are defeated. We are moving towards more individual items per boss during "unbuffed" times.

  • The X-Defense final chest has increased loot, including an moderately increased chance of dropping a Reliquary of Rarity.

  • A few more Login Rewards have been added to to the UI. (Omega Orbs, Retcon Devices, etc.) More will be added as time progress.

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