Marvel Heroes 2015 1.07 Patch Notes

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Patch Overview

Tonight’s patch is mainly to take advantage of the network upgrade in the Boston server farm.

We don’t normally patch on Mondays, but we snuck in a few bug fixes, a few Thor upgrades and the promised Omega orb cost reductions.

We will have another patch Friday morning that should address most or all bugs that have been reported and introduce a small “Summer Beach Party” weekend event that will allow the Hot Dog ingredients to drop again and introduce a few more rewards to use them on.

This Weekend’s Boosts

We will continue with a 100% server-side boost to RIF, SIF and Experience until Wednesday.

Thor Changes

Thor has received several small, but important, quality of life changes to his kit, in advance of his level 52 review.

Immortal Combat - Melee Damage Rating changed to All Damage Rating

Asgardian Stamina - Defense Rating replaced with flat 15% Damage Reduction

Vulnerability - Moved from Thundering Strike to Bring the Thunder to make it easier to apply and on a power that is used more often.

Item Changes

Cube Shards (the daily reward for defeating the boss of Green and Red terminals) now have a yellow name so they can be spotted a easier among piles of other loot.

Mission Changes

Reduced the number of HYDRA Mechs in X-Defense to take into account the pilots that were recently introduced as part of the enemy AI changes.

Increased the time between reinforcements for HYDRA in Holo-Sim, along with diluting out the frequency of HYDRA Mechs to make this wave easier for player.

Bug Fixes

Fixed scrolling issue with Apple’s Magic Mouse.

Colossus' Fissure will no longer be reflected by the missile reflection affix. It is no longer considered a “missile” power.

Doctor Strange’s Mysticism cannot be triggered twice by rapidly pressing keys when his secondary resource is full.

Some loot tables were rolling multiple Eternity Splinters every time - many of these have been fixed.

Omega Update

Experience required to earn an Omega Orb has been reduced from 30 million to 19 million. We’re continuing to tune this so a larger percentage of players can earn a full year of Omega experience in less than a year. At this point, we’re are ignoring the top 10% of players as extreme outliers in the data.

We are continuing to fix bugs as they come in and fix any Omega node that is not on the correct budget or implemented incorrectly.

The next Omega Division, “Mutation” will unlock launch with the release of Magneto later this year.

New Player Changes

“Join Party when entering instance” will now default to OFF for new accounts to avoid confusion for newer players during the first couple of hours of the game.

New players were becoming confused when an experienced player (either prestiging or leveling a new hero) would rush to the end of a zone and kill the boss quickly, while the truly new player was taking their time and tending to clear more of the zone. This will prevent that issue in the future.

Store Changes

Ultimate Thor will be launching in the next 24 hours.

This Week

We’re already working on the patch for later this week, focusing primary on every bug that is in the bug report section, along with as many quality of life changes that we can squeeze in.

Next Week

  • Domino Team-Up on Test Center

  • Star-Lord on Test Center

  • Raid out of Beta and “Green Version” loot activated on loot tables

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