[No Longer Updated] Useful Artifact List With Hero Build Link Reference

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My life has become too busy to keep this updated. Please go here to get up to date information on artifacts and other ways to easy know what is good and what is not in Marvel Heroes 2015: Please be aware that when new artifacts/uniques are added, they may not have any heroes listed next to them for a while. If you are unsure, google the name and see how far in the past the item has existed. Also, Gaz tries to keep special artifacts/uniques drops listed here: although it may lag behind. For example, another great site is which will show you a zone/boss artifact recently added that Doomsaw has not updated.

Triple check your artifacts to know what is good and what is not.

Useful Artifact List With Hero Build Link Reference

Last Updated: July 27, 2014

This project was to get a comprehensive look at what artifacts are useful and what are not. Either by trading them, keeping them for yourself, or trying to clear out 4 stashes worth of artifacts due to the Big 12 event, this list should help a lot of people. While I was compiling the data, a list of hero builds would also benefit people who want to stay up to date on the latest builds but finding’s update a little underwhelming. So what started out as a small project turned into a bigger one.

So with that, below is a list of useful artifacts based on rarity and if they are recommended by the build guides lists. I recommend people look it over and offer their opinions on anything that needs changed. This list is not the be all end all list so please speak up if something is amiss. I also highly encourage anyone with a hero guide to let me know so I can add it to the list.

So without further ado the 5 sections of this post:

  1. Useful Artifact List (alphabetically)
  2. Useless Artifact List (alphabetically)
  3. Useful Artifact List (by hero alphabetically)
  4. Hero Guides (by hero alphabetically)
  5. Bonus Info (Specific Loot Drops and High Roll Calculator)

I want to thank all the people who created guides that allowed me to compile this list. If it was not for you, I could not have done this. Enough talking, here is the info:

UPDATED July 2, 2014 Initial release, fixed a few typos
UPDATED July 3, 2014 Fixed more typos, added "Useless Artifacts" section, added other people's suggestion
UPDATED July 27, 2014 Moved Random's Protoplasm from Useless to Useful. Added Note about visuals.
UPDATED December 1, 2014 Announcement of no longer updating.

dr. strange
human torch
ms marvel
scarlet witch
squirrel girl
jean grey
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white suit for nightcrawler, health (usually around 1500, goes up to 1800) def (on average around 400 I'd say) and melee damage (lowest I've seen is 352, they usually go into the 400s)

fearsome fists is underrated. NC dodges pretty much all the time and 1194 crit rating is a lot

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If you wanted to enhance this, you could add the min/max rolls for each item so it can be a one stop shop for artifact management. Peer reviewed by Council of Richards.

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You sir, are awesome.
Thanks alot for this! :)

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I think Ziggurat needs its own category, it's basically good on every hero without a blink ability if you're looking at fast runs and stuff, especially if you swap it for boss fighting. Bunch of heroes don't have it listed but could definitely use it to increase clear speed.

Good list nonetheless, even though should also point out it's non exhaustive, from what I can tell the list is done based on the most popular build and what it recommends. For some guides, only 4 artifacts are recommended while other recommend a larger list and you get to pick what you want, plus the various non standard builds that don't use the same artifacts.

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The summon artifacts can also be good for a Luke Cage summon build both for buffing current heroes and for buffing and increasing the time on Heroes call.

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Another enhancement to the guide: the inverse list; which artifacts don't appear to be useful to anyone yet. I still hold onto a couple very high rolls of some of these, just in case they get a buff, but it's useful for new people who might be constrained on stash and just need to know what to throw out now.

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Thanks! This is just what the doctor ordered after a weekend of mindless looting and STASH-stuffing. ("Is this good for anything? Meh, I'll figure it out when I run out of space. right-click Time for moar loot!")

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Great guide m8, just as @Pyros said, imho there's a bunch of artifacts that's good with every single character.

Hand of Doom
Gem of the Kursed
Normal / Adv. Metasensor Array
Ziggurat of Kargul
Normal / Adv. Super-Soldier Serum
Xerogen Crystal

Just my 2 cents, btw tyvm for your contribution. Especially for new players this thread's gonna be very useful.

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Really good stuff here. Much thanks.

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This is nice and a lot of effort was put into this

BUT... you should have showed the work.

You determined what artifacts were best for each hero using specific conditions and criteria of each artifact but did not elaborate on this. With different build heroes benefit best from different artifacts.

For example,

Oculus Orobus-
Does your hero spam a high level of energy attacks (even better if a basic)?
Could your hero benefit from a reliable heal on hit dynamic?

If you answered yes to both questions consider this artifact.

Shrinking Pym-
Does your hero build have a 35% or higher dodge number preferably higher than 40%?
Does your hero regularly run low on their spirit pool?

If you answered yes to both questions the hero should have this artifact?

This kind of break down may be more helpful to the majority of players


1) A consistent way to get Bovenheim portals without paying 100ES a pop

2) For all achievements in the game to work and count down as intended

3) Two weeks notice on a specific achievement being removed so completists can complete

5) A pony

If there is a broken achievement that's been irking you for month please add it here

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Didn't see the Advanced Wicked Wand of Watoomb on here - +damage rating, +damage rating on mental attacks, x% chance to become invulnerable for 2 seconds. I can't look at mine right now (at work) but I found one someone posted on the forums with +310 dmg rating, +303 dmg rating on mental attack, and 20% chance to become invulnerable for 2 seconds.

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Add Adv. Flames of the Faltine, Blinding Brazier of Balthakk, and Bacon-Wrapped Hot Pepper to all characters who can inflict Burn power status (Human Torch, Jean Grey (Phoenix), Iron Man, Punisher).

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