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Epic Twelve Event Discussion (Official)

GazillionLocation Clan AskaniPosts: 7,910 Staff

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for being the best community I've seen in many years of gaming.

AssembledLocation Stark TowerPosts: 204 Amazing

I can't stop shaking.

Posts: 769 Amazing

oooh my god! :O Thanks Gaz!!!

Posts: 8 Mighty

Doomsaw, i love you, Gaz i love you

Posts: 114 Incredible

Hero tokens was enough for me. Wasnt around for that

True BelieverLocation Earth-PrimePosts: 1,066 Fantastic

So much to do, so little time. Must prepare. Oh god.

MutatedLocation Restaurant at the end of the universePosts: 3,548 Cosmic

Holy balls. Mouth Agape. Unable to speak.

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