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Daredevil's Level 52 Design Review Has Arrived!

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Daredevil is one of the classic hero’s of Marvel storytelling. He fights for justice with his incredible skill and integrity. He is the originator of no fear before it was a T-shirt.

He is the master of martial arts, armed and unarmed combat and an expert tactician. He’s had decades of rich story content that includes many classic weapons, fighting moves and some very iconic allies and enemies.

We kept that spirit in mind when performing Daredevil’s design review. Our top goal was making sure he is engaging to play, has powerful options versus a variety of enemies, and looks good doing it.

Combo System

Daredevil was an early hero design when a lot of newer tech wasn’t available. In addition to buffing Daredevil’s overall power, we’ve added a combo system to give Daredevil players a more interactive gameplay style.

Daredevil now has the "Combo Points" secondary resource, which increase when striking with certain attacks. Finisher moves spend these combo points for advantages, including a single-target attack, an area attack and a self-heal. Daredevil players can use each one based on their tactical situation.

In addition to everything you would expect from a combo point system, Daredevil has two additional interesting notes:

Daredevil has a power than can be used, for free, only within 3 seconds of using a Finisher. Some Daredevil players may opt to use this power.

Daredevil’s new signature power will have it’s cooldown sped up every time Daredevil uses a Finisher power. This is a build option for players who want to focus on Finisher’s and the new Signature power.

On to the specifics:

Club Strike / Taser Club

Design Note: We wanted to add more weapon variety for Daredevil, including more billy club attacks and staff and nunchuk attacks. He now enjoys more clearly defined build options with different choices in basic attacks, each of which showcases Daredevil using his clubs in a different way.

Club Strike - Now provides spirit on hit instead of slowing enemies. It has also been renamed Assault and Battery.

NEW Basic Attack - Nunchuck Beatdown - A rapid attack using both connected billy clubs as nunchucks. This power increases its base attack speed with additional power points, making it lightning-fast at high ranks.

NEW Basic Attack - Staff Strike - A slower, harder hitting attack using Daredevil’s telescoping billy clubs as a staff. This power enjoys increased critical rating and critical damage and has a wider damage radius (the same distance as the lightning effect from Taser Club and effectively replaces Taser Club).

Taser Club - The Taser Club has always been a bit out of step from Daredevil lore, but it was important as an AOE basic attack so we managed to keep it in the game until it could be replaced. It’s AOE functionality has now been replaced by Staff Strike, which is directly from Daredevil lore.


NEW Power - Apprehend - Daredevil throws his connected club, letting it wrap around enemies in front of him before pulling them towards him to deliver swift, brutal justice.

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