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Guide: Specific Loot Drops

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Guide: Specific Loot Drops

Most items in the game can be found from almost any enemy in any zone.

There are some items that can only be found on certain enemies or are more likely to be found on certain enemies. This is a list of those items.


  • White Suit Jacket -- Only drops from Level 60 green & red & cosmic Kingpin in Fisk Tower terminal.

  • Hand of Doom -- Only drops from Level 60 red & cosmic Doctor Doom terminal.

  • Grappling Hook -- Only drops from any version of Black Cat.

  • Gem of the Kursed -- Only drops from Level 60 Green, Red & Cosmic Kurse terminal.

  • Mental Focus Headband -- Only drops from Level 60 Green, Red & Cosmic MODOK in AIM Terminal.

  • Black Tom's Shillelagh -- Only drops from Level 60 Green, Red & Cosmic Juggernaut terminal. (Church)

  • Advanced Circlet of Cyttorak -- Only drops from Level 60 Green, Red & Cosmic Juggernaut terminal. (Church)

  • Magneto Was Right T-Shirt - Only drops from Level 60 Red & Cosmic Magneto. (Stryker Command Bunker)

  • Arnim Zola's ESP Box - Only drops from Level 60 Red & Cosmic Mandarin. (Hydra Island)

  • Taskmaster's Fighting for Losers Guide - Only drops from Level 60 Red & Cosmic Taskmaster (Taskmaster Institute)

  • Sacred White Gorilla Necklace - Only drops from Level 60 Man-Ape (Vibranium Mines).

  • Midtown Patrol Badge - Only drops from enemies in Midtown Patrol.

  • Danger's AI Chip - Only drops in X-Defense.

  • Hyde's Formula - Mr. Hyde.

  • Lizard's Formula - Lizard.

  • Zoo Gift Shop Figurines - Bronx Zoo.

Unique Items:

  • Ruby Topped Cane -- Drops from any version of Kingpin at any level.

  • Mechanical Arms of Doctor Octopus -- Drops anywhere, slightly higher chance from Level 60 red & cosmic Doctor Octopus in terminal.

  • Symbiote Infestation -- Drops anywhere, slightly higher chance from Venom anywhere.

  • Mask of Algrim -- Drops from Kurse in Green, Red and Cosmic Terminals of any level.

  • Doomsday Chair -- Drops from MODOK in Green, Red and Cosmic Terminals of any level.

  • Nisanti Boots -- Drops from Level 60 Cosmic & Red The Hood. (The Hood's Hideout)

  • Mr. Sinister's Cuirass -- Drops from Level 60 Cosmic & Red Mr. Sinister. (Sinister Lab)

  • Vibro-Shock Gauntlets -- Drops from Level 60 Cosmic & Red Shocker. (Abandoned Subway)

  • Spear of the White Gorilla Tribe -- Only drops from Level 60 Man Ape. (Vibranium Mines)

  • Pelt of the Sacred White Gorilla -- Only drops from Level 60 Man Ape. (Vibranium Mines)

  • Kraven's Lion Vest -- Kraven (Bronx Zoo)

  • Cobra's Hood -- Mr. Hyde (Bronx Zoo)

  • Midtown Patrol Bosses -- Have a small chance of dropping their respective boss Uniques and Artifacts.

  • Cosmic Terminals - Have a slightly higher chance of dropping boss specific items compared to other terminals.


  • Loki Rune -- Drops anywhere, with much, much higher chance from Loki himself.

  • Surtur Rune -- Drops in Muspelheim Raid. Highest Chance from Surtur himself.

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Posts: 86 Mighty

@Hei said: I really don't see why this cant be done to all uniques, artifacts and medallions. It would save people alot of time searching whether they have a good roll or not.

Yes it would be nice to know where things stand. Doesnt have to be every level, but maybe they do a lvl 30, 50, 60 version of items. IDK if you have seen it, but Mjoll made an awesome compendium that I have been utilizing as an interim measure:


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@jonmop said:

Been using it to, but its not 100% accurate.

Location EarthPosts: 232 Amazing

I got a symbiote infestation lvl 51, i'll take a pic and post it when i get home.

Posts: 292 Amazing

I like it. As soon as we are all done mourning the loss of Fisk Tower, you give us a reason to do it again. That's fine, I have the terminal down to a science now.

Location CaliPosts: 189 Incredible

Im gonna farm fisk and doc oc the entire day.....will return with results >.>

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edited January 7

@Doomsaw said:- Mechanical Arms of Doctor Octopus -- Drops anywhere, slightly higher chance from Tier 4 Red Doctor Octopus in terminal.

Got one from Living Laser on T4 red Doom couple days ago. it's Slot 2


AsgardianLocation Midgard or AsgardPosts: 39 Mighty

@whynot said: Doomsaw said:

That looks good for Thor.

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edited January 7

Wow I wish I hadn't spent a week farming Modok during the Fisk exploit Era since the chair ISNT IN THE GAME YET :(

No luck on jacket or cane after about 1k kingpin runs, did however get a lvl 60 symbiote infestation off of ole' Wilson.

Location EarthPosts: 189 Incredible

How bout Life Leech Cores... Who drops them?

Location SoCalPosts: 374 Amazing

i believe mask of doom can only drop from story mode doom. that's the only place i've seen it drop. also, midtown badge or whatever its called. can only drop in midtown. oddly enough, haven't seen one drop in a couple of months, where as a couple of months ago, it would drop every other super villain spawn.

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edited January 7

Yummy! Wish there was something more/boosted from Taskmaster as well, since he's supposed to emulate a Jack of All Trades (and it's a mercenary school after all). "Theme stuff", to give more love to the other bosses like The Hood inside a cargo ship/docks, etc. Idk. Just something that came out of my mind. Thanks again for this, and the advanced revelations as always. :3

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Any one ćan show sćreen with this new uniques?

Location Lost Somewere in time !Posts: 422 Amazing

@Doomsaw Thanks for the List i have only one request if possible, could we have some pics of the items also ? Just to see the stats etc. Thank u.

Posts: 115 Incredible

Just a heads up on the White Suit Jacket, it does NOT require T4 terminals. I got one while leveling Ghost Rider on T3 Green. I think it's likely that any Kingpin terminal can drop it.

Weapon-XLocation In your closetPosts: 45 Mighty

I will second the white suit jacket, I also received one during a kingpin t3 green terminal run.

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