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Merry Christmas everyone

Location Crazy Town, Banana Pants Posts: 3,505 Cosmic

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good might. That pun was your present. No givesey backsey's

AssembledPosts: 45 Mighty

Merry Christmas everyone! For all of those of you who are traveling over the holiday season, stay safe. :)

WakandanLocation DallasPosts: 58 Mighty

Nothing like online gaming over the holidays! Put a pot of coffee on and I'll see everyone in game! Merry x-mas!

True BelieverLocation Morlock UndergroundPosts: 766 Amazing

I wish you merry christmas, i wish you merry christmas, everyone'd hate me if i say this in public because i live in a muslim country(add music here)

Posts: 98 Mighty

Merry Christmas to all of You and a great time !!!!

Location ValhallaPosts: 188 Incredible

merry christmas to all the players and all the staff at gaz and have a happy new year

MutatedPosts: 559 Amazing

Merry Christmas to Gazillion and its hardworking employees! We appreciate your hard work and please keep it up!

Location Suiting upPosts: 226 Amazing
edited December 2013
ThundererLocation AsgardPosts: 851 Amazing


Location The Mavericks LoungePosts: 237 Amazing

yeah, Merry Christmas to all people on MH and everyone else/

Location Marvel Heroes ( of course !! )Posts: 21 Mighty

Happy Holidays all , and have a safe time traveling !!

True BelieverLocation Beast's LabPosts: 4,303 Cosmic

Here's the first of two "Gifts" I have for everyone! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

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