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Highest Damage in 1 hit out of all characters?

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Hey guys - was just wondering what is the biggest number you've hit (with/without crit) on something in MM.

Not counting glitches/bugs/etcs please!

I saw in the iron man thread some guy hit 100k+ with unibeam...makes my 10k from storm feel bad lol...

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Location PhilippinesPosts: 211 Amazing

:D tried 110k+ but haven't SS it.

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That's Thor God Blast right?

True BelieverPosts: 78 Mighty

You should go look in the Emma Frost forum at the guy hitting 130,000.

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edited September 2013

@Thorrson said: You should go look in the Emma Frost forum at the guy hitting 130,000.

To be accurate its about 150k

Spiderman might as well be a bug compared to all these big damage dealers, drat!

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Ditto for storm lol... how can some heroes hit so high in comparison to others ?? I mean even if you specifically build for DPS/high damage - surely any hero should be able to hit high numbers ?

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