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Stats, affixes, and min maxes

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So I just got my Hulk into the big boy level bracket (55) and I'm retuning my stats that I've had.

I was stacking +crit dmg and +AIS. I figure +crit isn't so important as you get so many from power points. I'm sitting at 44% crit chance now.

Now I'm starting to notice that +ais isn't doing anything for me. At 22% ais, I only increase my swing speed by .3 (Furious Punch). I don't think that's worth the stat allocation. Can someone provide an argument why AIS is valuable for Hulk? Also when I pop unbridled rampage with 3 anger, this only gets me to 2.6 swing speed which seems kinda broken.

So, if I don't need to stack crit or AIS, should I just be stacking +dmg rating and +crit dmg?

How do you all stack your Hulk? What affixes and artifacts are you running?

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That's pretty much what I was thinking. I was shocked at my dmg increase when I switched from ais to crit dmg. I went from low 2k crits to mid 3k crits.

Thanks for the input.

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@Trickshaw: Having some IAS is alright. I would never purposefully stack it over 10% though. The DR is just not worth it. UR will bring you from 2.0 FP's to 2.4 and if you have a cosmic proc that will put you at 2.6. 2.7 being the cap for Hulk's FP.

Not sure if you're including Meta array there or weapon, but if memory serves I end up at around 2.5 FP with the UR buff and a cosmic Might proc. Diminishing returns :(. I'll test it later to confirm though, I am going off memory.

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