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Storm Build?

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Can anyone here share a good storm build with me? Any helpful storm information would be appreciated. Thanks!

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This is the build I'm using:


Attacks Thundering Maelstrom - Maxed. It'll be your bread and butter attack. Allows you to attack while kiting and avoiding damage. Lightning Storm - Maxed. Provides a synergy for TM and is a good aoe dot to lay down before TM. Multiple Lightning Storm won't stack, so don't waste spirit putting down more than one in the same spot. Crashing Hail - Maxed. Defensive debuff that'll help you kill faster. Thundering Bolt - 1 pt. Used for the stun. Helps against Doom shield bots.

Utility Sirocco Rush - 1 pt wonder. Dash move to get you in and out. I'm too lazy to swap my hotkeys around, so I just use Windy Flight in battle to move around. Windy Flight - 1 pt wonder. Travel power. Lets you get to Midtown Manhattan bosses quickly.

Buffs Gusting Tempest - maxed. Very nice to deflect projectile and knock back melee enemies. I find that it helps my survival by a ton. Spirited - maxed. Honestly, you may not need it maxed out since TM builds aren't that spirit intensive, but you'll want a couple points in here. No spirit = no damage Quickening Breeze - maxed. With the nerf to Refreshing Breeze, the health regen doesn't help survival that much. Might as well have a chance at Storm avoiding taking damage in the first place.

Keep Tempest and Breeze on at all times. Basic rotation would be to lay down a Crashing Hail and Lightning Storm. TM around and by the time it ends, your spirit should have regenerated.

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Ugh, too lazy to use markdowns to format the text. The build works nicely enough in MM so far for me (level 54). I only die to lag or carelessness (or a surprise Rhino attack).

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Level 53 here:

  • Maxed chain lightning build (with gear i'm sitting on lvl 39 chain lightning - doing 2400ish dmg)
  • Maxed the two synergies for CL (or as high as i can for now)
  • Max Quickening Breeze (maximising dodge chance)
  • Max Spirited
  • 1 Rush
  • 1 Fly (good for getting around MM to rush to the boss)
  • 1 in Gusting Tempest (honestly just to stop you being mobbed in)
  • Rest in TM

Artifacts i use the Fist of ferrelah? --> the one which has dodge chance and gives u 100% crits for 1.5 seconds if u dodge

and i also use the artifact which gains +78hp when you use an energy attack.

Combine that with a 4% health regen core, +1 energy, +53 spirit. I hardly die unless I lag out.

Most mobs and stuff melt pretty fast. Spirit only really becomes and issue on bosses - just use 2 TM in a row and wait for the spirit to regen again. (my pool is around 440ish)

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You basically have 2 types of builds that people run with.

The TM build (right tree)

or the CL build (left tree)... this is what i'm using, I find that it's just way more destructive than TM.

I have 8,8,15 in the basics - from gear the total is 11,11,21

20,20,20 in the CL,TB,and BL skills totaling 40,23,23 respectively.

1 in flight, srirocco rush,and turbulent winds,and 10 in Refreshing Breeze.

17 in Spirited, 1 in Gusting and Freezing.

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As of now, it is CL/BL and TM/CH/LS as Gulch has stated.

I'd really like to see someone go nutso with a melee build for her. Would be unique and present a third option for players.

I still think Storm is awesome. Glad I chose her as my first!

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